Lock Bike Wheels with Hexlox Thru-Axle Lock

Easy security solution for thru-axle wheels Now you can lock bike wheels that have thru-axles. We’re excited to announce that our Lightning Bolt-On Axles work perfectly with the innovative Hexlox security system! Last summer at Eurobike we met up with Hexlox, a pretty cool company that makes a unique security system for bike components. Most bike security […]

NEW Lightning Bolt-On Thru Axles

Because you don’t want your parts sticking out. How does a small company like us come up with new product ideas? Here at the Robert Axle Project, many times it starts with a desire to make our OWN gear better. We figure if we can make something better for us, then we make something better […]

New Years Resolutions for Bike Adventures

Who’s ready for 2017? We sure are. This year, live it up with our New Years resolutions for bike adventures. Just do it. Time’s a wasting. Commit to microadventures! You are busy. We are busy. Not all of us have time to take that yearlong trip-of-a-lifetime traveling around the world by bicycle. We have careers, […]

Bike Touring On Dirt In Eastern Oregon

It has become a Robert Axle Project tradition to spend Memorial Day Weekend out in the wilds bike touring in our amazing backyard we call Oregon. We’ve dubbed it “Motor Free Memorial Weekend”, and although we may drive somewhere to start the tour, we spend three days “motor-free”, mountain bike touring with friends. As a […]

Adventures Big and Small

Microadventures are for everyone If you haven’t noticed, we are ALL ABOUT getting out on adventures, from a trip to the park to a worldwide tour. Microadventures can be the best – getting out in your local mountains for a quick bike tour. Here, our friends and Robert Axle Ambassador father-daughter team, Drew and Jennelle […]

Do I Have A Thru-Axle or a Skewer?

The differences between a thru axle and a skewer explained. We get quite a few questions about the difference between an older style quick release skewer and a newer thru-axle. Thru-axles have been in mountain bikes since around 2010 and are now common in road bikes as well. But there are still many bikes that […]

The Robert Axle Project makes it easier to find 12mm thru axle adapters for your needs

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