Robert Axle Project Frequently Asked Questions

Wanna learn about thru axles? You came to the right place. Below are some of the more common questions that we get from our customers. If there is a pressing question that you have that is not listed below, please let us know here!

General Questions

Yes. Every Robert Axle comes with a Lifetime Warranty issued to the original owner. Please see our Warranty & Returns page for the full warranty information.

Yes! We regularly ship to countries all over the world. Visit our Shipping Page for more information. We also have a list of distributors around the world on our Dealers & Distributors page.

Shipping rates are shown in the Shopping Cart, once you add your first product. Our shipping rates are flat rate. You can combine your order with friends to save on shipping.

Orders within the United States are shipped via US First Class Mail which is 2 to 5 business day delivery to anywhere in the country. International orders usually take less than one (1) week via FedEx International Priority, depending on your customs department. We are not able to expedite shipping at this time. If you need your axle tomorrow, please visit our Dealers & Distributors page to see if you can order directly from them.

Thru Axle Questions

We have an easy to use Thru Axle Finder. Please use this to determine if your bike and is in our database – there is a 99% chance that it is! If you don’t see your bike in the Axle Finder, then you’ll need to follow the directions on the What Axle Do I Need page.

If you contact us because you don’t see your bike in the Thru Axle Finder, then that is because we haven’t seen it either – and we’ll ask for your help and ask you to follow the directions on the What Axle Do I Need page. 

If you’ve measured your axle an and are comparing it to our available sizes, know that an axle is the correct length if it is + or – 2 mm.

We have a handy blog post that we put together that helps you determine whether you have a thru axle or not. Check it out!

No, we do not make any 10mm thru-bolts. Nor do we make any 10mm thru axles. We only make 12mm and 15mm thru axles.

Yes, we certainly want you to support your local bike shop. In the U.S., we work with bike distributor, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) to get Robert Axles into bike shops. Check with your shop to see if they can order through QBP. In other countries, we work with distributors and dealers. Check our Dealer & Distributor page for more information.

Before installing the axle, lightly grease the axle and threads. Be sure to check your torque setting before every ride and ensure that they are not above or below the recommended torque for that axle (see instructions.)

Bike Questions

Yes, yes, and yes. In fact Specialized is one of the more popular brands out there, and we fit all of their bikes – road, mountain, electric, gravel – you name it. Please use the Thru Axle Finder found on each page and you’ll be directed to the axle that you need. And yes, we fit Burley Trailers as well.

Yes, we fit many electric bikes! If your bike has a Thru Axle, simply use our Thru Axle Finder. 

If your bike has a Mahle/EBIKEMOTION hub motor we make an adapter for Kid Trailers and Cargo Trailers are designed specifically to fit your Mahle/EBIKEMOTION equipped bike and allow attachment of any hitch-mounted trailer. These Hitch Adapters fit any trailer that has two wheels and a single point of attachment to the axle. This includes all the two-wheeled child, pet and cargo trailers such as: Thule, Chariot, BurleyInstepCarry Freedom, and many more.

If you contact us about a bike that is “NOT LISTED” in the Axle Finder, that is because we haven’t seen that bike yet – we will ask you to follow the directions on the What Axle Do I Need page. To expedite your request, start following those directions on that page to determine your axle need.

Yep, absolutely, we can help. In fact, many folks come to us looking to replace those proprietary axles. Visit our Supported Axle Systems page or use the Axle Finder found on most pages, and it will point you to the correct product.

Yep, absolutely, we can help. In fact, many folks come to us looking to replace those proprietary axles. Visit our Supported Axle Systems page or use the Axle Finder found on most pages, and it will point you to the correct product.

There are a few bike brands that offer a thru axle conversion kit, such as Trek’s “Closed Convert Dropouts.” Check with your bike frame manufacturer to find out if they have a solution.

We do not make axle for Burley COHO trailers.

Trailer Questions

Please read the instructions and warranty of the trailer that you own to know how much weight you can carry.

The BOB Trailer Axles are specifically designed for use with a BOB Trailer The BOB Trailer Axles require you to take the stock “bobbins” off of your BOB Trailer skewer or purchase bobbins from us. The Yoke Mount Trailer Axles have M10x1 metric threaded studs on each end to attach an Extrawheel, Surly Bill and Ted trailers or custom trailers.

Yes! One of our favorite past times is rallying on singletrack trails with a BOB Trailer. The trailer tracks surprisingly well on singletrack. Give it a try.

Any trailer that has two wheels and attaches to the bike at the center of the wheel, on one side – is what we call a Kid Trailer. Sometimes dog-specific trailers or cargo trailers do this as well. That’s okay, in our world, it’s still a Kid Trailer. Popular brands include Burley, Thule, Chariot, Instep, Trek, Carry Freedom, Nordic Cab, etc. There are many, many other smaller brands as well. Just remember, if it has a hitch arm and a hitch that attaches to the center of the wheel, we’ve got you covered with our Kid Trailer axles.

Yes, you can fit your BOB Trailer on to a wider bike, such as a Boost 148 mountain bike, plus tire bike or a fat bike. Watch our YouTube video here for instructions on how to do this.

No, sorry, we don’t have a solution for the Topeak trailer. It is a unique connection system and we just haven’t seen enough of them to warrant a production run of multiple sizes of axles.

We do not make axles for the Burley COHO at this time, but it never hurts to let us know that you’re interested. With enough demand we might make hem in the future.

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