Supported Axle Technologies: R.A.T. Axles, Naild Axles, Mavic Speed Release Systems and Surly Bikes

Yes, we have solutions for a variety of proprietary thru axles, such as:

  • R.A.T. (Rapid Axle Technology) thru axles, found on some models of FOCUS, Merida, Centurion, and Cervelo Bikes.
  • Mavic Speed Release systems, found on a variety of bikes.
  • Naild thru axles, found on some models of Marin, Polygon, and Argon 18 bikes.
  • Surly GnotBoost and MDS Dropout bikes.

R.A.T. (Rapid Axle Technology)

Mavic Speed Release

Naild Thru Axles

Surly GnotBoost and MDS Systems

Legal statement of the obvious. Our goal is to produce a solution for all bikes. No permanent modification is required of your bike. At any time you can return your bike to using the original thru axle by simply reinstalling the original hardware and thru axle that came with your bike. All trademarks of Naild, Focus, Cervelo, Surly and Mavic are respected.