100% Guarantee When You Use our Axle Fitment Finder

We like to say that we are the Thru Axle Authority. Not like police style authority, but more like, we know our stuff when it comes to thru axles. That’s why, when you’re shopping for a thru axle, if you use our Axle Fitment Finder we guarantee the result, 100%. If for any reason you use our Axle Fitment Finder and it takes you to the incorrect product for your bike, we’ll exchange it for the right axle at no cost.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that allow families, adventurers, commuters and recreationists to enjoy traveling by bicycle. Our vision is for everyone to experience adventures big and small. We believe that the bicycle is not just a two-wheeled vehicle, but also a tool for you and your family to explore your community, an entire country or the world.

Our Commitment

We understand there are two priorities for you. Our product must provide a seamless fit between your beloved bike and your precious cargo. And it must be durable and secure to bring you home from your adventures, whether around town or around the world. We do not accept any compromises in safety or fit of our products. Our products are designed, tested and manufactured in Bend, Oregon. We uphold high standards and workmanship in our products by using the best materials and processes.

We Support

We are a small company that values community and cause. We support the following:

Adventure Cycling

Central Oregon Trail Alliance

Disciples of Dirt (DOD)

Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (GOATS)

Klamath Trail Alliance

We have big ears but a tiny budget for sponsoring athletes and ambassadors. Please contact us directly for more information.