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Do I Have A Thru-Axle or a Skewer?

7 thoughts on “Do I Have A Thru-Axle or a Skewer?

  1. I have a skewer on my Framed Minnesota fat bike, not the new 12mm axle type. Do you offer a 170mm skewer set-up I can use with my BOB trailer? If not, can you suggest where I might find one? Thank you.

    • Mark,
      We only produce 12mm thru-axle solutions, at this time. We are not aware of anyone offering a traditional 5mm skewer for 170 or 190 fatbikes.

    • Yes, sometimes both the wheels and the frame can be converted to accept thru axles. You really should check with your local dealer to determine if your specific components can be made compatible.

  2. Any plans on making a 10mm version? My two top choice bikes in my stable for using my BOB both use 10, the top choice is my Jones converted to use a thru axle rohloff hub…

    • Kraken,
      We do not have any immediate plans for 10×135 thru axles. Now keep in mind not all 10mm axles are thru axles. And there are BOB nutz available for traditional 10mm bolted axles. That may not help your situation as you’re clearly speaking of a Rohloff that is thru axle compatible. For certain we do not have a solution for that. But perhaps someone reading this in future will find the BOB Nutz helpful for their situation.

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