FOCUS R.A.T. Compatible Thru-Axles

Great news for FOCUS R.A.T. bike owners. We now have a solution for you. Part of our job is to keep up with bike industry standards and specific individual bike brand standards. FOCUS, with their unique proprietary thru-axle, posed a problem for those riders who wanted to tow a trailer or use their FOCUS on a trainer. Finding a compatible solution to fit R.A.T. thru-axles were a bit of a challenge, so we appreciate your patience as we worked to design a quality solution. And thanks to a few customers who were willing to test our prototypes.

We offer the FOCUS axles for Kid Trailers and for Trainers (sorry, we don’t have a BOB Trailer solution!)

FOCUS R.A.T. compatible thru-axles for Kid Trailers

FOCUS R.A.T. compatible thru-axles for Trainers.

FOCUS RAT thru axles

FOCUS R.A.T. compatible thru-axle for trainers


FOCUS R.A.T. axle for trainer

FOCUS R.A.T. compatible axle for trainer installed on bike.

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