Thru Axles for BOB Trailers

Yes, we do have thru axles for BOB Trailers! This is where it all began for The Robert Axle Project. As avid BOB Trailers users since 1999, we are big fans of grabbing our BOB trailer and setting out on a bike tour, a day of trail work, or running errands around town.

Many of today’s modern bikes include a 12mm thru axle that attaches the rear wheel to the bike frame. Thru axles result in a better ride—stronger, safer, more rigid and responsive. When we found out that we couldn’t attach our beloved BOB trailers to our new mountain bikes, we sought a solution. After an extensive search we decided to solve the problem ourselves, and so it began—The Robert Axle Project.

The Robert Axles for BOB Trailers are specifically engineered to attach the proven BOB Trailer to your thru-axle equipped bike. Use our Axle Finder to choose the thru-axle designed for your bike. Then just add the “bobbins” from your stock BOB quick release to your Robert Axle, attach your trailer, and go.

BOB Trailer Accessories

We’ve been using BOB Trailers for over 20 years now for bike tours and trail building. We are happy to announce that we now carry some of our favorite products that you might need to have on hand.

BOB Trailer Tube

Because flats suck, especially if you are on an epic adventure.


BOB Trailer Pins

We have learned the hard way that these are critical to have in your repair kit.

RAP Bobbins

Our Bobbins, complete your Robert Axle to be fully compatible with the BOB Trailer.

Use your best bike for your best adventure

Check out our How-To videos to learn how our axles work and how to best install them onto your bike.