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12mm and 15mm Thru Axles

Made in collaboration with Chris King Precision Components and machined to match the shape of their iconic headset caps these refined and gorgeous axles are the perfect piece to cap off your dream build.

Available in 3 colors; Black, 3D-Violet, and Matte Turquoise, and 10 of the most common axle sizes available.

Precision Thru Axles Designed and Made To Fit YOUR BIKE and YOUR NEEDS.

Thru Axles for Bikes

12mm and 15mm Thru Axles

The Robert Axle Project makes thru axles for bikes. Replace your stock axle with a lightweight Lightning Bolt-On Axle or tow your kids with our Kid Trailer Axle. Our products allow cycling families, adventurers, commuters and enthusiasts to enjoy traveling by bicycle without leaving their cargo behind.

With our thru axles, you can lighten up your bike or attach your favorite bike trailer. We have thru axles for Burley Trailers, Thule Trailers, BOB Trailers and more—to any bicycle that has a 12mm thru axle. Find a thru-axle for any mountain, fat, road, cross, and electric bikes.

Your Best Bike. Your Best Adventure.

kid trailer along pathway at Old Mill
Robert Axle Project Trainer Axle on a blue background

We Are the Bike Thru Axle Experts

We understand that there are two priorities for you. Our product must provide a seamless fit between you and your beloved bike and your precious cargo. And it must be durable and secure to bring you home from your adventures, whether around town or around the world. Each axle is specifically engineered and produced to provide a safe and secure connection.

Designed, tested and made in Bend, Oregon, USA.

Wahoo KICK Thru Axle Adapter Kit

Our trainer side adapter is firmly held in place making it easier to attach and remove your bike from the trainer.

Designed to support and protect your bike the same way a thru axle does so there is no undue stress applied to your frame