Lock Bike Wheels with Hexlox Thru-Axle Lock

Easy security solution for thru-axle wheels

Now you can lock bike wheels that have thru-axles. We’re excited to announce that our Lightning Bolt-On Axles work perfectly with the innovative Hexlox security system!

secure your bike wheels

Last summer at Eurobike we met up with Hexlox, a pretty cool company that makes a unique security system for bike components. Most bike security systems replace an entire part, such as the whole seat clamp or wheel skewer. So, you have to purchase clunky, ugly parts to put on your bike, and then tighten them on just perfectly to make sure they work right.

The Hexlox system was driven by desperation to find an easier and cleaner way to secure wheels and saddles. Made in Germany (a country known for its precision products), the Hexlox system uses a tiny piece that magnetically inserts right into a 4mm, 5mm or 6mm bolt – the standard bolts that secure most of the parts on your bike. That piece weighs less than 1 gram. You read that right – less than 1 gram.

The Hexlox is very secure and has been tested against all standard thief tools. Even the Berlin Lock Picking Society could not open the Hexlox.


This is where our Lightning Bolt-On Axles come in handy. Lightning Bolt-On axles are a low-profile, lightweight thru-axles designed to replace the stock axle that came with your bike. The axles are precision CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and are built to the tightest standards in the industry. No more slop and no more bulky handle sticking out there.

The Lightning Bolt-On axle end has a 6mm hex, which works perfectly with the Hexlox when you also purchase the magnetic insert from Hexlox. Each Hexlox comes with a unique key.

thru axle with lock

The Hexlox fits beautifully in the Lightning Bolt-On axles.

So, how can you get a hold of this system? It’s easy:

  • Use the Robert Axle Project Fitment Selector to find the correct Lightning Bolt-On Axle for your bike. We have front and rear options!
  • You can also order our axles from your local bike shop if they use Quality Bicycle Products as their distributor.
  • Visit the Hexlox website to order their 6mm Hexlox with magnetic insert. It’s important to get the magnetic insert!

Questions? Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help you out.


  1. Mark Munger on January 18, 2017 at 10:25 am

    I love this product I’ll be getting some of these

    • Katy on January 18, 2017 at 10:29 am

      Excellent! We are happy to provide this solution.

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