NEW Lightning Bolt-On Thru Axles

Because you don’t want your parts sticking out.

How does a small company like us come up with new product ideas? Here at the Robert Axle Project, many times it starts with a desire to make our OWN gear better. We figure if we can make something better for us, then we make something better for the greater cycling community. Case in point—our brand NEW Lightning Bolt-On Axles. These are replacement thru-axles for your bike.

Last spring, we were heading to Portland to meet with our anodizer and we stopped at Sandy Ridge to fit in a quick loop. The tread was wet (it’s the western Cascades, after all) and as I rode down, something didn’t feel right. In fact, it felt downright sketchballs. After stopping a few times, I realized that my rear thru-axle had come loose. Here I was, owner of a thru-axle company, and my stock thru axle hit something to jolt it loose—for reals.

DT Swiss thru axle replacement

This sad DT Swiss thru axle has had a rough life. Replace it with a Lightning Bolt-On axle!

That was enough of that. The Lightning Bolt-On Axle was born.

Instead of a big handle that sticks out and gets beat to shit, you now have a sleek, smooth, sano design. The axles are internally bored to remove unnecessary material without sacrificing strength. They are easy to install, requiring only a standard 6 mm hex wrench found in your ride tool kit. And, like all of our axles, they are designed, made and tested here in Oregon. We also machine them to the tightest tolerances using the highest quality materials.

They are available in a range of sizes that fit both front and rear thru-axle equipped wheels. Use our trusty Fitment Finder to find the axle that you need for your bike.

Boom. Clean, smooth, finished. No more parts sticking out.

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