Kid trailers from Thule

The Definitive Guide to Biking With Kids: 2022 Edition

Dec 9, 2021 /

We’ve learned a lot in the last two years, riding the waves of a global pandemic. Hours on end inside our houses, working from home, and homeschooling led many parents to discover or re-discover the…

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Biking on a gravel road in central Oregon with a dog riding in a BOB trailer.

Dogpacking: Bringing My Dog on the Road Less Traveled

May 10, 2021 /

By Kristen Quadrone My route is planned and I’ve got all my gear packed, but I run through the list just to be sure. “Tent, poles, and stakes: check.  Sleeping bag and pad: check.  Water,…

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Cervelo RAT thru axle replacement

Cyclists love their R.A.T. replacement axles

May 5, 2020 /

Part of our job is to keep up with bike industry standards and specific individual bike brand standards. In the past few years, we’ve developed a series of thru axles that can replace the R.A.T.…

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Old Man Mountain Introduction

Robert Axle Project Owners Acquire Old Man Mountain Products

Aug 1, 2019 /

Bend, Oregon, August 1, 2019 – The Robert Axle Project, a U.S. manufacturer of thru axles for bikes based in Bend, Oregon, is pleased to announce the purchase of Old Man Mountain Products of Santa…

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derrick bell with bob trailer

Derrick Bell – The ReBuilder

May 23, 2019 /

We are so honored to have known D-Rock for the last 25 years. He was one of our earliest product testers and Ambassadors for Robert Axles. Watch him ride and you can see how he’s…

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single rider weekend bike tour in Oregon

5 Uncommon Tips and Tricks for a Most Excellent Weekend Bike Tour

Apr 4, 2017 /

Planning a mini-bike tour is a little like planning dinner – you want it to be great, but you also don’t want to stress out and worry too much about it. Often times, like a…

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The great thing is that it IS possible to take your toddler on a bike tour

Take Your Toddler on a Bike Tour

Mar 28, 2017 /

You’re a cyclist. You love your Wednesday evening rides with the buddies and you geek out on gear and maybe you’ve gone on a few bike tours in your lifetime. You’re also a Mom or…

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bring your kids biking with you

Bring Your Kids Biking with a Robert Axle Thru Axle

Mar 28, 2017 /

The Kid Trailer Axles are easy to install and use, so you can bring your kids biking with you. Child carriers, such as Burley, Thule, Chariot, provide a great way to share your adventures with those…

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testing thru axles for bikes

Breaking Axles Is Fun! (Also known as: Why “made in USA” matters to us)

Mar 18, 2017 /

Let’s talk a bit about “Made in USA”. It’s a complicated thing, we know. Affordability, quality, customer service, and practicality all come into play. Making our thru axles here, instead of China or Taiwan, is…

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make your bike ride better using trailer on gravel trail

Five Ingenious Hacks to Make Your Bike Ride Better

Mar 6, 2017 /

Several small companies are building niche parts and pieces that make our cycling gear cheaper and more versatile. By: Aaron Gulley Posted on Outside Online: March 3, 2017 The big brands usually get all the…

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