Cervelo RAT thru axle replacement

Cyclists love their R.A.T. replacement axles

2 thoughts on “Cyclists love their R.A.T. replacement axles

  1. I wish I had done this sooner. All Focus owners with R.A.T. should immediately dump them. The R.A.T. were never as easy to get in/out of the rear. I have two wheel sets that have just a tiny difference in width that required them to be adjusted to tighten down.

    This just solved all my problems, thank you.

  2. While RAT axles are interesting, they appear to have problems. Note that Cervelo, a sister company to Focus the originator of the system, has now dropped their use in their new bikes. I have a Cervelo R3D which uses the RAT axles, and have noted that they are a bit fiddly, that the adjustment between tight and too tight is a very narrow range, that they creak if you get it too loose, and that if you get it too tight the brass outer piece starts shaving bits off the soft threaded aluminum insert underneath, disconcerting. Yeah, but is it dangerous? One engineer who owns the same bike thinks so. He thinks that the brass piece may act as a punch destroying the threaded aluminum insert, which will junk the axle. Also, he think the T locking end is prone to catastrophic failure. For me, the fact that they’re irritating was enough to look for a quality alternative. Here it is!

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