Ambassadors & Riders

Steve Messer, President CORBA

Is a legend of a trail steward in Southern California. He and his organization have been using Robert Axles as part of their trail maintenance access. Check out our products in use in the video to the right.

Lev Stryker – COTA/Cog Wild

Lev is a dedicated trail steward and has been a product tester since the very first prototypes we developed. Since then Lev has used his Robert Axles to help him clear the most popular trails in Bend and the gnarliest trails all over Oregon.

Derrick Bell – Dirt Mechanics

Derrick is the unofficial mayor of Oakridge, OR. The toughest trail steward anywhere. He and his co-volunteers at GOATS use their Robert Axles to allow them to access some of the biggest down trees in the country.

Erik Norland and the Mountain Biking Dog

Kaya Erik contacted us a couple years ago, not long after we launched the Robert Axle Project. His trusty Lab loves riding in their BOB Trailer. Much like many of our customers, Erik got a new bike with a 12mm thru-axle that he wanted to ride with his BOB Trailer. Thanks to The Robert Axle Project Erik is able to bring Kaya along so they can share their adventures. Watch Kaya ride her BOB trailer.

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