Meet Our Ambassadors

We’re a small company with lofty goals, so we like to partner with riders that spread the stoke of cycling. From trail builders to film makers, our Ambassadors truly believe that they can have a positive impact on cycling. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Learn more here.

robert axle project ambassador paul lissette

Paul Lissette


“Kiwi” Paul owns Dirt Mechanics and builds some of the finest trails in Oregon. Born in New Zealand, he started riding fat tire bikes in 1984 and has loved riding dirt ever since. When he’s not driving one of his trail building machines, he’s using a BOB Trailer to commute to work on some newly built trail in the Oregon woods.

Erik Hillard Robert Axle Project Ambassador

Erik Hillard


Erik Hillard’s first mountain bike ride was in a Santa Cruz rainstorm. Today, he still loves a bad weather ride, especially with a BOB Trailer full of tools. Erik volunteers with a trail restoration group in the Angeles NF, Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club. Erik also devotes significant time searching for killer vegetarian Mexican food.

robert axle project ambassador Derrick Bell

Derrick Bell


Heard of Oakridge, Oregon? You can thank D-Rock for the stellar singletrack. A born and bred Oregon boy, Derrick lives, breathes, builds and rides mountain biking trails. He is often seen towing a BOB Trailer loaded with a chainsaw to clear big trees off the trails. Derrick also has a fondness for pie and naps, in that order.

robert axle project ambassador lev stryker

Lev Stryker


Lev might be most famous for captaining a tandem through a huge jump during the Blitz to the Barrel. In real life, Lev owns Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours and is an integral part of maintaining the trails in and around Bend. An expert sawyer, he often uses a BOB Trailer to get into the high country to clear blow down every year.

Ronald Kuba - Slovakia Cyclist

Ronald Kuba


Ronald is a Slovakian bike racer. He does it all: cyclocross, road, mountain bike marathon, cross country mountain bike and time trails. He has a growing YouTube channel that includes cycling tech, tips and training. He also owns the Slovakian online store OKR Cycles.

robert axle project ambassador steve messer

Steve Messer


LA sucks for cycling, right? Not if Steve Messer can help it. As president of the Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Associaton (CORBA), he spends countless hours advocating for and building and maintaining the trails in and around the Los Angeles basin. He is also is a huge supporter of getting high school students on bikes.

dog riding in trail behind wheel of bike



Along with her owner John, Mira is a bikepacking super dog on an adventure to somewhere. Mira rides in a BOB Trailer except when she wants to stretch her legs a bit and run alongside the bike. Mira’s been #dogpacking the Canadian Rockies lately, all seen on her Instagram page @mira_la_perra

robert axle project ambassador the line series

Twelve One Productions


Supporting women mountain bikers is important to us and THE LINE series shows the determination and courage of high performance female athletes who are shaping mountain biking for future generations. And they needed to tow their video equipment in a trailer to get the best shots – win win for everyone!

robert axle project ambassadors clark family

The Clark Family


Think you can’t go bike touring with your kids? Think again. Dan and Alice Clark, along with Koby (9) and Ava Fei (7) might be the world’s most adventurous biking, hiking and paddling family. Their first bike trip took them through the Andes, using a BOB Trailer to carry gear. You can find them at Simply Propelled.

robert axle project ambassador Debruyn Joubert

De Bruyn Joubert


South African De Bruyn Joubert is a modern day adventurer, traveling all seven continents by human power alone. From expedition fat biking in Alaska to sand storms in Mongolia, he’s been through a lot. He currently uses an Old Man Mountain cargo rack with a Robert Axle, for the burliest carrying capacity for touring.