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Our Thru Axle Finder Guarantee: Robert Axle thru axles are designed and made to fit YOUR bike and YOUR needs. That’s why we have created this handy Thru Axle Finder so you can find the exact axle you need. When you use the Thru Axle Finder, we guarantee the result of the Finder, 100%.

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Our axles work with all bike trainer brands.

12mm Thru Axles for Bike Trainers

Our 12mm Thru Axles for bike trainers adapt your 12mm thru-axle equipped mountain, cross, gravel or road bike to modern bike trainers. No longer do you need a second bike for indoor training or warming up for a race. With our 12 mm Thru Axles for Trainers, you can now train and warm-up on your race bike.

The best part? When it’s time for your race or time to head outside, you’ll have a high performance thru axle, already installed. No need to switch axles all the time. Your bike is always ready to ride, indoors or out, with or without the trainer. Eliminate excuses that could stop you from riding, by never needing to swap axles again.

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Wahoo KICKR Thru Axle Adapter Kit

Our Wahoo KICKR Thru Axle Adapter Kit kit provides a stable and secure fit between your 12×142 or 12×148 thru-axle bikes and your KICKR smart trainer.

Our trainer side adapter is firmly held in place making it easier to attach and remove your bike from the trainer.

Our adapter is also designed to support and protect your bike the same way a thru axle does so there is no undue stress applied to your frame.

This kit is made for the 2014 and 2016 KICKR models that require a thru axle adapter kit to work with thru axle bikes. Also the orange anodizing just looks rad.

Made to Fit YOUR Bike

Our 12mm Thru Axles for Trainers are unique because they are designed to fit on your specific bike using minimal washers and spacers. Unlike trainer thru axles common for fit studios, the Robert Axles are lower profile and can be used on or off the trainer.

  • This Trainer Axle is designed to adapt your favorite bike to your wheel-on trainer. Our axles are compatible with all the popular brands: Blackburn, Bkool, Cyclops, Elite, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo, and more.
  • Our first priority is building a precision thru-axle. Our axles precision designed and machined to fit into your bike as well or better than the stock thru axle.
  • The axle is installed with a simple 5 mm hex/allen key. The same tool that you carry on every ride.
  • The best part? When it’s time for your race or time to head outside, simply remove your bike from the trainer, remove the drive side axle end and go. Our axle is suitable for use on or off the trainer. Indoors or out.
  • Designed, built and quality tested in Bend, Oregon, USA.

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Five Gold Stars

1,100+ Five-Star Reviews and Counting

This is exactly what I needed. I went through 2 different adapters specific to my trainers brand. Finally found The Robert Axle Project, made my life so much easier! Great quality and the team who runs it is even better. I recommend them through and through. -Kristy

Great product. Perfect fit and easy installation on my bike when I ‘need’ to use the trainer. I tried other axles and the extra tools and multiple washers were a hassle. Plus, they wouldn’t fit my trainer! This axle is simple and can be left on the bike when I’m not using it on the trainer. -Larry Herriman

Much better design than some of the others on the market. Easy installation and beautifully made. -Doug Dye

Bike Fitters, Training Studios, and Coaches:

We’re here to simplify your businesses. Are you trying to make sense of these new thru axle bikes? Yeah, we are too. We’ve probably got a bit of a head start on sorting this out for you.

We now offer complete Fit Kits to get you sorted out with all the components you need to get any 12mm thru axle equipped bike up on your trainers or fit station.

We offer two simple kits:

Fit Kit – Road, Cross and Mountain Bikes.

Fit Kit – Fat bikes. Yes, fat bikes need fitting too and we have the axles you need.

NOTE: These products are not intended for retail consumer use. Please enter your specific bike info into our Fitment Selector above.