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  1. I recently purchased the kid trailer axle for my fat bike and burley bee trailer. I downloaded the axle finder which was a great help in finding the right size axle. Received my order within two days of purchase and had it on my bike in just a couple of minutes. This is a great product and I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!!!!


  2. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say how impressed I was. It arrived within a week and I live in Switzerland, and the quality is great! I can’t wait to take my daughter out in the trailer now.


  3. Thank you!

    Just installed the new axle on my Co-Op 1.2 and it fits perfectly! After three trips to REI and two orders for the “right part” that did not work, you guys took care of me and figured out the solution to my Burley Flatbed Cargo Woes!

    Looking forward to my next adventure!

    Jeffrey 🙂

  4. Danke für die superschnelle Lieferung
    Besten Service👍👍👍 was ich bisher erlebt habe herzlichen Dank und bleibt alle gesund liebe Grüße aus Deutschland Klaus 😊

  5. Worth every penny! I just received and installed Robert axles on a third bike of mine. For all 3 bikes, the Axle Finder dished our perfect specs for perfect fitting axles! I’m a “rough” rider so I find the quick release thru-axles wiggle loose after just 1-2 rides. I’ve never had the same issue using Robert axles torqued to spec! So long as The Robert Axle project is in business and I can still ride a bike, I’ll buy Robert axles.

    Bikes with front and rear Robert axles:
    Trek Checkpoint SL 5
    Commencal Meta 4.2
    Kona Big Honzo CR

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