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We’re here to help, but we need your help first.

  1. The fastest, most accurate way to figure out what axle you need is to use the Axle Finder found on most pages.
  2. If you use the Axle Finder and your bike is “NOT LISTED”, we have a helpful tool with easy to follow directions on our What Axle Do I Need Page.

While we’d love to hear your soothing voice, please do not ask us to call you on the phone for customer service questions. It’s not that we don’t want to talk to you! We have good reasons for using email for customer service inquiries:

  • We often need to receive or send photos to clarify questions and this can only be done over email.
  • We often need to send links to customers and this can only be done over email.
  • We often use customer service inquiries to reference over and over again. If further questions arise about your product, we can easily find this in an email. Also, having an email record of new fitments or issues that arise with certain bikes helps us continuously improve our products!

You may also find good information on the following pages:

We make every effort to address everyone in a timely manner.

[email protected]

If you’re feeling nostalgic and would like to reach us through parcel post our address is below. Note that we do not offer walk-in sales. If you are in Bend and would like to pick up your order please message us using the form above.

61560 American Lane, Bend, Oregon 97702

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