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  1. Hello,

    I have a MTB brand: Specialized with a carbon frame and a tru axle of 12 mm and I am not able to attach it to my topeak Trailer. Do you have a solution?
    Thanks in d’avance,

    Best regards

    [email protected]

    • Andre,

      Thanks for the note. Unfortunately we do not make an axle that works with a Topeak Trailer. We haven’t had enough requests for this, so there isn’t enough for a production run.



      • Hi Katy,

        Have you had more requests by now? I’m looking to purchase a single-wheeled trailer for a through-axle road bike, and I really don’t like the look of the Bob Yak. I would love to be able to use the Topeak Journey, but yeah, no factory through axle compatibility..

        Best regards,


        • Hello Jochem,

          We have looked into producing axles for the Topeak trailer. However the Topeak is made of aluminum and their fork/yoke would not accept the additional width required of thru-axle equipped bikes. So no, there are no plans to produce a solution for the Topeak Journey at this time.

          • Hi Katy,

            Thanks for your reply. I’ve ordered the thru-axle for my BMC Roadmachine 03 through my local supplier Galaxus, for the Bob Yak!

  2. hi there… i own a cannondale supersix evo high mod duraace..
    every time i cornering with the bike the rotor scrub with the brakepad..
    is that comin from a flex axle?
    because cannondale use their speed release axle..

    can i use your axle and hope its not gonna flex anymore so the rotor not gonna scrub the brakepad?

    thx u very much

    • Yes, our axles can help with that issue! Please contact us through the Contact Us page, and we can get you started.

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