The Robert Axle Story

Our History

Like many great things in life, The Robert Axle Project was born from a passion for adventure and a desire for change. We seek innovative change that isn’t inspired in a laboratory or on a balance sheet, but by a wild adventure or an expedition to a far-away country.

We are tinkerers, problem solvers and big-time dreamers. Mountain bikers, trail builders, and travelers. Our story is one of those “ started in the garage” stories.

In 1999, we made the bold move to purchase BOB Trailers for a bike tour in Central America. The trailers soon became our favorite pieces of equipment for seeing the world by bike.

In 2003, we rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico, experiencing some of the most sublime and wild scenery in the U.S. Since then, we’ve been dragging our mountain biking friends on to local tours, exploring the forested trails and roads in Oregon and beyond.

In 2013 when we upgraded our mountain bikes to fast, light, full suspension carbon steeds, we encountered a problem. We could not attach our BOB Trailers to our new bikes with modern 12mm thru axles. Thus, the Robert Axle Project was born, in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Since then, we’ve become the experts on all things thru axle.

Meet Us

Chris Kratsch President Robert Axle Project

Chris always knew he’d end up making things. After fifteen years of working in the outdoor industry in sales and customer service, he is meticulously obsessive about how things could be better designed. Chris also has a deep passion for mountain biking from the days as a wee kid shredding his BMX bike through the hills behind his house.

Katy Bryce with Robert Axle Project

Katy is the wordsmith and whip cracker. She heads up all marketing, administration, and financial oversight duties. Her “ day job” is as a freelance writer and content marketer, specializing in the outdoors, travel and, well…bicycling. She just published her first book – a guidebook for mountain biking in Bend, Oregon.

Tom Feldmann machinist with Robert Axle Project

Tom is our chief machinist and maker of Bulletproof Coffee. Tom has been a forester, farmer, machinist, fiber optics maker, climber, surfer, skier and all around good guy. He recently bought a new mountain bike and has been trying to avoid trees since then. When Tom isn’t making axles, he is traveling to tropical locales looking for surf.

Wally the shop dog

Wally, short for Waldo Emerson, is the newest member of the team. He’s responsible for comic relief, snoring in the office and reminding us when it is time for kibble. Wally is the laziest black lab we’ve ever known. Wally loves bugs, his stuffed animals, dead fish, and digging massive holes in the backyard.

2 thoughts on “Meet Us

  1. Hello,

    I have a MTB brand: Specialized with a carbon frame and a tru axle of 12 mm and I am not able to attach it to my topeak Trailer. Do you have a solution?
    Thanks in d’avance,

    Best regards


    • Andre,

      Thanks for the note. Unfortunately we do not make an axle that works with a Topeak Trailer. We haven’t had enough requests for this, so there isn’t enough for a production run.



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