Close your eyes and recall your first bicycle experience as a youngster. Maybe it was the first time you rode without training wheels. Your dad pushed you from behind, giving you the momentum to fly along. Or perhaps you spent long summer days exploring the nether regions of your neighborhood on your bike, cavorting with friends while you crashed through puddles. Spandex or Strava was not part of your vocabulary yet and war wounds didn’t hurt as bad.

Man, that bike took you places.


We understand. There’s that feeling of freedom that only riding a bike can give you. Chances are, you want your kids to have that same sense of freedom and experience of traveling at bicycle pace. So why not start biking with your kids? Child specific bike trailers allow the youngest of tots to experience the world by two wheels, from the safety of their own cockpit.

We like to say: adventures big and small are all worthy! An outing to the park, a ride around town to run errands or an overnight tour in your local mountains can keep you in the saddle, all the while entertaining your kids. All it takes is a little preparation and the right gear.

fat biking with kids in trailer


Yes, you can now attach your favorite kid bike trailer—Burley, Chariot, Thule, and others—to any bicycle that has a 12mm thru axle. Simply use our Axle Finder to find the Robert Axle thru axle that fits your bike. Remove your stock thru axle that came with your bike, replace it with a Robert Axle, and attach the hitch and trailer. Off you go. Take your kids biking. Share the love.