12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: Mavic Speed Release Rear Thru Axle

12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: Mavic Speed Release Rear Thru Axle

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This rear thru axle is specific for using your Mavic Speed Release bike on a wheel-on trainer. The thread, a “double lead-in” thread, is proprietary  to the Mavic Speed Release system only.

Purpose built to adapt your thru axle equipped bike with your wheel-on trainer, such as a 1up, Blackburn, Cyclops, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo and many other trainers. Our goal is to fit the thru axle to your bike perfectly, so we minimize spacers and extra parts, providing a clean, high performance axle for your bike. Train, warm up and be race ready and fit for the season.

Yes, we have a Lightning Bolt-On Axle for your Mavic Speed Release bike – find it here!

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  • This Trainer Axle is designed to adapt your high quality bike to your on-wheel trainer. These are compatible with all the popular brands: BKool, Blackburn, Cyclops, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo and more.
  • Our first priority is building a precision thru-axle. Our axles fit into your bike as well or better than the stock thru axle.
  • The axle is installed with a simple 5mm hex/allen key. The same tool that you carry on every ride.
  • The best part? When it’s time for your race or time to head outside, simply remove your bike from the trainer, remove the drive side axle end and go. Our axle is suitable for use on or off the trainer. Indoors or out.

Additional information

Weight 0.3125 lbs


Robert Axle for Trainers replaces your stock 12 mm thru axle so you can use your bike on a trainer.

  • This axle is compatible with BKool, Blackburn, Cyclops, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo and many other on-wheel resistance trainers.
  • The true length of the axle shaft is 165 mm. Please note: Thru-axle lengths do not equal hub standards. An axle has to be longer than the hub to fit in the frame. A 12×142 hub does not equal a 142 mm long axle.
  • This axle has a proprietary “double lead-in” thread found only on Mavic Speed Release bikes.
  • The axle shaft and axle ends are precision CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, and hard anodized for rugged durability.
  • No special tools required. Design allows for installation or wheel removal using your standard 5mm hex wrench.
  • Designed, built and quality tested in the USA. Proven around the world


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14 reviews

  1. Cory (verified owner)

    For a third party part i was a little worried, but the quality is there as soon as you remove it from the package!

  2. Ralph (verified owner)

    This is the only producer that offers axles for MAVIC Speed release systems. Two of the biggest trainer manufacturers (TACX and ELITE) don’t. Perfect!

  3. v (verified owner)

    Fit was perfect for my Cannondale with the MAVIC speed release axle. There is plenty of room on the ends for my trainer to attach to, and it doesn’t scratch up my derailleur hanger. 10/10 recommend

  4. Anton (verified owner)

    Bought for my Cannondale SuperSix EVO that has Speed Release 12mm axle threads. Could not find adapter for my Tacx basic trainer, by a chance found this Project. Great communication and fast shipment.

  5. Gregg (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my 2020 SuperSix EVO for use on a KICKR SNAP after reading Anton’s review. It never even crossed my mind that the EVO had double-lead threads for the thru axles, and that the KICKR adapters Wahoo sells were only single-lead! I went from super frustrated – thinking I maybe had to return the SNAP and upgrade to the far more expensive wheel off trainer – to super relieved within minutes when I found this site. Build quality seems great, and it fits beautifully. 10/10 would recommend. Y’all saved me a lot of sleep and money 🙂

  6. bikehorr (verified owner)

    Perfect fit,quality part!!! righteous.

  7. Filippo

    Problem solved! This nice and high quality axle allowed to fit a Cannondale supersix evo onto a Tacx Satori trainer. Top!

  8. Patti (verified owner)

    Like many other reviews here, I own a 2020 Cannondale SuperSix EVO. After some searching, I was glad that RAP had exactly what I needed (double-lead threads). It arrived quickly, and immediately I could tell it was high quality. It installed in seconds, and works perfectly. I’m also impressed that they thought through the design so well, that I can use this on outdoor rides as well just by removing the extra nut used for the trainer. So, I don’t have to swap skewers anymore; unless I want to. One less thing to remember on those days when the weather is good enough for an impromptu outdoor ride. Love it.

  9. Sotiris (verified owner)

    This axle was a perfect fit for my Cannondale SystemSix. I had previously tried all the Tacx thru-axles but because my hanger is a “double-lead”, none worked. Then, I found this website… The customer service is great, I had a question to make sure if this was the correct thru-axle, the reply was swift, and actually when you create the order you are asked to confirm the bike model etc… So they really want you to select the right one. Delivery was quick too, so it’s all positive from my side.

  10. Michael (verified owner)

    I have a 2020 Cannondale CAAD13 and it took me so long to find a thru-axle that fit my smart trainer and my bike. So thankful I found this product! Works like a charm!

  11. Bas (verified owner)

    Bought an axle for my Cannondale Supersix Evo 2020 to use with my Wahoo Kickr Snap. Works like a charm! Perfect fit, good quality and I can leave the axle in my bike for outside use so no need to swap axles all the time. Also, very quick delivery (within 5 days) in the Netherlands. Perfect!

  12. Jk (verified owner)

    2021 cannondale synapses works great

  13. SuperSix (verified owner)

    This axle was exactly what I needed to be able to put my CF bike up on my smart trainer, and it is also great to use on the street! It fit perfectly on my SuperSix EVO and into my Saris Smart Trainer.

  14. Nick (verified owner)

    Works perfectly with the Kickr Snap and the CAAD 13! Much better than Wahoo’s trainer axle package. Great customer service, too.

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