Trailer Hardware Kit

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This Trailer Hardware Kit is used to attach single wheel cargo trailers such as the Bakcou and QuietKat trailers based on the BOB trailer design.

Combined with our BOB trailer axle you will have a secure a reliable fit between your bike and your cargo. Be confident and ready for rugged terrain and any load you want to haul.

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  • For use with Robert Axle Project BOB Trailer axles.
  • This hardware kit includes: M5 Split Washer (x2), Flat Washer (x2), and M5 Bolt (x2). 
  • This kit does not include the thru axle.

BOB trailer axles to fit your bike can be found using our handy Axle Finder here.

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1 review for Trailer Hardware Kit

  1. Hooman tabarestani (verified owner)

    I bought a single fat wheel trailer a while ago, and I had a problem with the Thru-Axle that came with it, as it was short.
    I couldn’t find a longer one, so I used a threaded rod to use my trailer.
    I bought this Thru-Axle for Bob trailer and the Hardware Kit, which is I have been using now for just about two days.
    It looks nicer, feels better, and is more secure so that I can go for multiple days MTB camping off-road trip.

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