Lightning Bolt-on Axle – Front 12 mm for Cervelo R.A.T. Equipped Forks

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Our Lightning Bolt-On thru axles offer the highest quality, simple, lightweight alternative to that bulky handle. Available in a range of sizes that fit both front and rear wheels on all types of thru-axle equipped bikes.

This axle and fork insert are designed to replace the R.A.T thru axle found on many Cervelo forks.

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  • This axle is designed to replace your front Cervelo R.A.T. axle and includes a threaded nut, which the axle threads into.
  • Lightning is Better. Our front and rear Lightning Bolt-On axles offer a stronger, more durable, lower profile and lighter weight option to replace your stock thru-axles.
  • Low Profile. No more bulky handles to strike trail obstacles or create wind drag. Aerodynamic design.
  • Light Weight. Our axles are internally bored to remove unnecessary material without compromising strength.
  • Easy to install. Our matching front and rear Lightning Bolt-On Axles only require a standard 6 mm hex wrench for easy installation and removal.
  • Better Tolerances. Manufactured in the USA to the tightest tolerances using aerospace materials and CNC manufacturing. No longer will your axle loosen while riding.

This is NOT an axle for attaching trailers or trainers.



Prop65 Warning icon

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel acetate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


  • The diameter of this axle is 12 mm and the true length of the axle shaft is  130 mm. Please note: Thru-axle lengths do not equal hub standards. An axle has to be longer than the hub to fit in the frame. A 12×100 hub does not equal a 100 mm long axle. This axle has been specifically designed to work with our fork insert and will not measure the same length as your stock RAT axle.
  • Weight: Axle = 30 grams Nut = 5 grams
  • The axle is precision CNC machined in the USA from 7075 aluminum and hard anodized for rugged durability. Our axles are built to the tightest standards in the industry.
  • No special tools required. Design allows for installation or wheel removal using your standard 6mm hex wrench.
  • Designed, built and quality tested in the USA. Proven around the world.
  • Learn about compatibility with Hexlox security systems.


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31 reviews for Lightning Bolt-on Axle – Front 12 mm for Cervelo R.A.T. Equipped Forks

  1. Lauris (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Saved 60grams from my R5 Disc stock RAT axles (front + rear) with these – nobody else really offers an alternative on the market. Top shelf product + the communication and shipping overseas was super quick as well. Highly recommended.

  2. Rob Green (verified owner)

    This kit is outstanding! Swapped out the R.A.T axles on both mine and my wife’s Cervelo S5’s and they are stiffer with this proper bolt thru. The aweful R.A.T axle system is over engineered and totally unnecessary, this kit puts the bike right and the way it should have been from the factory. Congratulations on such a well thought out and beautifully engineered upgrade. I received this, all the way from the USA, in 4 Days, those 4 days happened to be the Easter holiday weekend! Amazing fast delivery!!
    Many Thanks!

    • Katy Bryce

      Wow, we certainly do not guarantee 4 day delivery to the UK, but that is awesome! Thank you so much for your review, glad you liked the kit. For future UK customers, please keep in mind we have an excellent dealer with
      Cheers, Chris

  3. Tiago (verified owner)

    Top quality, soo much better than the R.A.T.
    Weight savings and easy installation.

  4. Mike Berdahl (verified owner)

    Perfect, easy installation. Great product

  5. Christoph (verified owner)

    Weight saving was the the idea. It worked out perfect, but still the RAT system does the release job much quicker..
    However I assume we all buy it for the esthetics and to save weight.

  6. Boris Vinitskyi (verified owner)

    exactly what I need! Fits perfectly to my bike cervelo s5 gen III

  7. William Simon (verified owner)

    The RAT axle on my 2018 Cervelo R3 was a bit sticky so I sought a solution. This bolt on axle fit the bill. Easy install and topnotch fit and finish. I also liked the looks of it better, so I decided to replace the rear RAT as well. Saved a little weight even after factoring in the hex key. Nice!!

  8. Sam Bounds (verified owner)

    Had a Couple of problems with Front Rat on 2019 R3 Cervelo with 454 Zipp Front wheel.
    1. Front Disc brake would rub no mater what adjustments I did, the rub would return, especially when climbing out of the seat.
    2. On technical 80 km/hr plus descents the feel on front wheel was a little vague in the apex of the comer.
    Installed thru axle, all problems gone. I have a solid front wheel which I can throw into a corner at speed.
    Front end is now stiff and the brake does not rub when I’m out of the saddle climbing steep hills.

  9. David (verified owner)

    Replaced the front and rear RAT axles on a Cervelo R3. Love the precisely machined threads, it gives a very confidence-inspiring, secure fit. Feels super solid on the bike, and no more wiggle room when installing the wheel. Makes it easy to align the brake rotors when a wheel is removed and replaced. Lighter weight and cleaner appearance is a nice bonus as well. Love these axles!

  10. Sean D (verified owner)

    Works a treat. It is far more reassuring than the previous RAT but will require I carry around the right tool to be reassured I can remove the wheel if I have to deal with a flat on the road. Perhaps a lever on the non-threaded end to help unscrew the axle would be useful.

  11. Harald (verified owner)

    Ordered a set of thru axles for my Cervelo S3 disc last sunday, delivery in Germany was today (Friday five days later) – awesome!! Only a single axle was in stock at several dealers, so I decided to buy the complete set directly in the U.S. As a hobby rider I have time enough to grab an allen key to remove a wheel in case of a puncture or bike maintenance, so the screwed in axles giving more stability and saving weight are perfect for me!

  12. Victor (verified owner)

    So in short I would say if you decide to buy a R.A.T equipped Cervelo, you might as well ask them to keep their really pointless over engineered axles and get both the front and rear replacements axles from The Robert Axle project.

    I hit a pot hole with my front wheel and the front RAT axles on my cervelo s5 broke (the mechanism on the inside of the axle got damaged) and couldn’t turn any more to have the axle come out, so the wheel was stuck, had to take it in to a store so they could manually get it out.

    Also most importantly as a 88kg rider with a good sprint, I never felt confident as my front wheel always felt like it just wasn’t stiff enough, I taught the envy wheels/frame was even bad at some point but NO it was the front axle, the moving parts on the RAT axles makes the wheel or the front area very very unstiff especially on steep descends for a heavy rider, I always felt like my wheel was about to wobble and could never go as fast as I could.

    long story short I replace both axles and I could push the bike past the speed mark I used to feel like I was about to wobble. bike is feeling much stiffer at the front. As a plus it looks better too.

    Going to keep pushing my speed limit slowly but surely with these axles and aim to get closer to 90-95km/h…I had not experience this on my previous bike but yeah…

  13. Riccardo (verified owner)

    I bought two axles for the wheels. I have a Cervelo R3 Di2 disc bike 2019 with RAT axles. Fast shipping and communication. I recommend Robert Axle Project to everyone. God bless US

  14. Dario D’Onofrio (verified owner)

    Swapped my cervelo RAT and extremely happy with that. Extremely happy with that, way better than the original one.

  15. Will (verified owner)

    This is the perfect replacement for the stock r.a.t. axle on my Cervelo S5. I got a flat while riding and in the process of removing the cervelo axle, the head of it snapped right off in my hand. Needless to say that was the end of my ride. My friend John told me about this axle so I gave it a try. Never using anything else on my S5. Simple, easy to install, and adds a clean smooth look to the wheels. Maybe cervelo can take a cue from your company and make better r.a.t. axles.

  16. J.S. (verified owner)

    I had a R.A.T. axle that caused me a lot of issues on a 6 month old bike (there’s a small screw that had backed out). I immediately ordered this and installed it. Huge improvement. As others mentioned, it would be great if they had made it quick release. It’s a 6mm though, which everyone has on their multi-tool. Recommended!

  17. Janis (verified owner)

    One of my RAT axles broke, so chose these to replace the over-engineered RAT system on my Cervelo R3 2018 (dark blue and red colour in case you’re wondering about model years, just like I was before ordering). The product is way more simple than RAT, but it just works. Manufacturing tolerances are good, so everything is easy to install and fits perfectly. So far I’m very satisfied.
    Was not an issue for me, but the one thing that I hadn’t seen/noticed before ordering is that on the side where the axle screws in, the nut is a bit more bulky than on the RAT system where it is flush with the fork. I don’t think there is a different way to do this in order to get such a light and stiff system, but if you’re looking to replace RAT just and only on looks, it may be worth taking a look on both sides. The side that replaces RAT lever however looks superb and there is no such compromise needed on the rear.

  18. Paul (verified owner)

    Awesome in every way. EXACT fit replacement, simple instructions, high quality materials and fast delivery.

  19. Jim (verified owner)

    Perfect. As advertised. Fits my Cervelo R3 no problem.

  20. Alain Mathieu (verified owner)

    Replaced both RAT axles on my Cervélo S5. Ease of use, better look, no brainer!

  21. Peter

    Definitely a 5 star product. The shipping to west coast Canada was extremely fast. I bought both front and rear for my Cervelo Caledonia. Installed nicely out of the box. No more bulky and rattling handles from the oem thru-axle levers. Also, the tightness will always be consistent when torqued to 12Nm which inspires confidence. Worth the money as I don’t see many other 3rd party axles of this caliber online.

  22. Jean Claude Provencher

    Well designed, Quality product . Much better than the original Cervelo !

  23. Bruno

    Finally replaced the RAT axles on my Cervelo R3, wow, what a difference. The forward axle had been giving me so many issues. The machining on the Robert Axle parts is very nice with all the tolerances of the original parts. Very easy to replace. More streamlined, lighter, what’s there not to like. Awesome piece of kit.

  24. Richard Brown (verified owner)

    Best upgrade ever! Cannot believe how much better this is, not just the more positive location, but stops the shimmying that happened before at speed over rough roads.

  25. Ming Yang (verified owner)

    Great product. Perfect fit on my R5. So much better than the RAT axle.

  26. David (verified owner)

    The Cervelo RAT axles were fine when my R5 was brand new. After about 1500-2000 miles they loosen up and can’t be adjusted/tightened to properly control the flex and movement generated when standing and even while sitting. I looked at Cervelo’s latest answer to their problem, but didn’t like the very small amount of available thread engagement on the front axle nut. The Robert Axle Project’s front axle fork mounted nut has adequate thickness and correct structural thread engagement length.

  27. Edwin Torres (verified owner)

    The Lighting bolt axles, front and rear are one excellent upgrade to the Rat axle on my CerveloS3 2020. A very clean and easy install to the bike and it looks great. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice clean and light weight set up. Excellent product , hands down 100%.

  28. Cervelo Aaron (verified owner)

    I got this because the stock quick release axle started to have issues, and there is no OEM replacement I could find.

    Installation was easy, and the wheel rides true and smooth. This is the third Robert Axle Project axle I’ve bought (for various bikes) and I’ve never had any issues whatsoever with any of their products. I 100% endorse this and all their other axles.

  29. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great products. High quality and extremely fast shipping 👍

  30. Martina Battisti (verified owner)

    I have a Cervelo S5 2022 and I don’t feel comfortable with RAT, so i was looking for something better. I find Robert Axle Project, I buy this product immediately!
    easy to setup, it was love at first Ride!

  31. Oliver R (verified owner)

    Amazing fit and worked perfectly. Just what I needed.

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