Robert Axle on Bike Rumor

  We were pleased to wake up this morning to find Robert Axle on Bike Rumor! “For adventures or those with kids, having the ability to tow a trailer behind their bicycle is essential. Unfortunately for those riders, they’ve been cornered out of the new bike market, because the current 142×12 standard is incompatible with […]

Bike Touring with a BOB Trailer: Better Your BOB Ride

Bike Radar Includes Robert Axle Project as News Item

Near Death in New Mexico

Monsoon season on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route I’ve done some things that others might classify as “adventurous”, but I can only count a very small number of times that I thought I might die. Mountain bike touring Central New Mexico was one of those times. We were riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike […]

Veteran Trail Builder Comments – Robert Axle For My New Bike and Saw BoB