bob-trailer-axle for trail work

What About BOB Trailers?

May 28, 2014 /

The Robert Axle Project takes a product testing tour in Central Oregon with BOB Trailers We are lucky enough to live Bend, Oregon, a place that has literally hundreds of miles of single track and…

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Robert Axle on Bike Rumor

May 22, 2014 /

  We were pleased to wake up this morning to find Robert Axle on Bike Rumor! “For adventures or those with kids, having the ability to tow a trailer behind their bicycle is essential. Unfortunately…

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Bike Touring with a BOB Trailer: Better Your BOB Ride

May 18, 2014 /

Check out these tips to maximize your BOB experience: Bike touring with a BOB Trailer is something to carefully consider, and while we are big BOB fans, there are pros and cons as shown in…

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Bike Touring Baggage: Bikepacking vs. Panniers vs. B.O.B. Trailers

Mar 21, 2014 /

What is the best bike touring option for you? So you want to start bike touring. The thought of the open road or trail beckons as you weed through the Internet trying to figure out…

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Bike Radar Includes Robert Axle Project as News Item

Mar 20, 2014 /

Bike Radar is Cycling’s Premier News Site We are happy to see the Robert Axle Project on Bike Radar, one of largest cycling news and reviews website. But we might even more happy that we…

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Near Death in New Mexico

Mar 12, 2014 /

Monsoon season on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route I’ve done some things that others might classify as “adventurous”, but I can only count a very small number of times that I thought I might…

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New Products!

Mar 9, 2014 /

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our product line to include axles that will fit other types of trailers beside the BOB Trailer. We can fit Burley, Chariot, Croozer, Extra Wheel trailers…

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Veteran Trail Builder Comments

Jun 17, 2013 /

I have been clearing trail with a BOB for years now, and find it is the most efficient way to tow tools to a work area. As the bike industry embraces thru axle rear wheels…

Read More – Robert Axle For My New Bike and Saw BoB

Jun 17, 2013 /

Got to fully test out my new BoB setup yesterday. I ordered the Robert Axle 12×142 for for my 2013 Santa Cruz Trc, installed it, hooked up the BoB and cut out a buttload of…

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