Bike Touring Baggage: Bikepacking vs. Panniers vs. B.O.B. Trailers

5 thoughts on “Bike Touring Baggage: Bikepacking vs. Panniers vs. B.O.B. Trailers

  1. Any advice on which panniers are the best? I am torn between vaude and ortlieb. I have only read one negative review on vaude, which sucks. Had I not found that review, I would have know what to do already… get the vaude.

    • Thanks for the note. We prefer Vaude panniers just because we like the attachment system better. They also seem to hold up really well. Our preferred set up (for long trips) is a BOB Trailer with a front rack and panniers.

  2. Pannier Advice: Vaude or Ortlieb…..neither. Have a look at Jandd
    1/2 the weight of the others, bomb-proof, highly compressible. What they lack is the waterproof nature of the other packs. When it rains, I get wet. When the sun comes out, I get dry…most of your gear can too. Shove the other stuff on a plastic bag or leave it at home.

  3. None of the above: Use top quality Arkel waterproof panniers. They even have the the lightweight Dry-Lites that are small bikepacking panniers. The Arkel attachment system is the best of the bunch on the regular lines of panniers.

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