Bike Touring with a BOB Trailer: Better Your BOB Ride

6 thoughts on “Bike Touring with a BOB Trailer: Better Your BOB Ride

  1. Hi
    There are some good fixes.
    I’ll have to try the dampening with inner tube some time.
    I have an Ibex and have noticed the play on the swing arm.
    I have replaced the bushes with four scate board wheel bearings.
    Works a treat.

    • Yeah, there’s a bit of a trick to get the tension just right with the inner tube. Once you get enough tension on it, it works quite well. I don’t care how high the trailer bounces, it’s when it starts going sideways that things get scary.
      Great idea to replace the bushings on the swingarm.

    • Dear Jonathan — Please explain, your use of “scate board” bearings on the swing arm. This sounds like something in which I’d be interested.

  2. Regarding Yak vs. Ibex:
    “We’ve tried both and decided that the Ibex, at an added five pounds is just not worth it”
    Wondering if the trial was on pavement, dirt roads, singletrack?
    I’m looking to ride with my dog in the Bob trailer and poking around online, some folks use the Ibex with their odg, others use the Yak…

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