Trail Building Tools – BOB Trailer & Robert Axle

We Ride Our Bikes Blog

January 2016

I worried that I was going to have to go buy a beater bike with an older QR rear axle just for trail building. So, I did some research and found the Robert Axle Project! After an email exchange with Chris at the Robert Axle Project, he assured me that they had the axle I needed to pull this trailer! Chris was great and quick to respond to my questions. It was nice to have such great customer service!

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How to Fat Bike in the Snow with Kiddos

March 27, 2015

One forward-thinking company, called the Robert Axle Project, has starting designing specific axles with adapters for common carriers. After going to their website, you simply print out a sheet and match your existing thru axle to their template to find the correct length and thread pitch, choose your carrier manufacturer, and order online. It’s a breeze, and their website has helpful instructional videos to help you install it in less than five minutes.

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The Robert Axle Solves 142×12 MTB Trailer Woes

Bike Rumor

May 2014

For adventures or those with kids, having the ability to tow a trailer behind their bicycle is essential. Unfortunately for those riders, they’ve been cornered out of the new bike market, because the current 142×12 standard is incompatible with virtually all of the trailers on the market. Luckily, the aftermarket has come up with a solution in the form of the Robert Axle Project. A company which offers four different axles, with different thread pitches, that fits over 30 of the most popular bike brands.

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Robert Axle Project Marries Trailers to Thru Axles

Singletrack Magazine

May 2014

As spring turns to summer and our thoughts turn toward adventure, many of us with newer frames are realising that we no longer have the ability to hitch trailers to our rides.The Robert Axle Project has heard our collective palm-to-forehead slaps and decided to come to the rescue. With a name that would be perfect for a prog-rock band, The Robert Axle Project is a US-based group manufacturing rear thru axles that are compatible with yoke and single-sided trailers.

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Robert Axle Adapts Thru-Axles to Trailers and Trainers

Bike Radar

March 2014

Until now, parents and gear-haulers who regularly use Chariot, B.O.B., or Burley trailers have been limited to doing so on bikes equipped with quick-release wheels. That all changes with the advent of the Robert Axle, which enables all of those – and more – to work on bikes with 142x12mm rear ends. As an added bonus, the Robert Axle will work with stationary trainers too.

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Three Day Ochoco Bike Tour

We’ve been making and shipping a lot of axles, so we haven’t had much time off to get out in the woods and enjoy our own bikes. But every year we try to carve out the three-day Memorial Day weekend as our annual “Motor-Free Memorial Day” and get out for some bike touring and camping […]

Trailer Compatible Through-Axle

As seen in the July 1, 2014 issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News: BEND, OR – You may be proud of your new mountain bike purchase and its stout through-axle design, but say goodbye to trailers and trainers. That is until you purchase Robert Axle, an aftermarket 12-millimeter trailer-compatible through-axle that allows trailer hitches […]