Thru Axle for BOB Trailer: 172 to 178mm with 1.5 Thread

Thru Axle for BOB Trailer: 172 to 178mm with 1.5 Thread

(15 customer reviews)

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Yes! A 12 mm thru-axle adapter for BOB Trailers. These Robert Axles for BOB Trailers are specifically engineered to attach the proven BOB Trailer to your thru-axle equipped bike.

Take full advantage of your modern bike with 12 mm thru-axles and harness the rigidity of the thru-axle to haul your BOB Trailer. Set out on any adventure, big or small. Great for off-road tours, trail building, hauling cargo and more!

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15 reviews

  1. C.B Bonneton (France)

    achat d’une remorque BOB YAK mais axe de 12 mm sur VTT après recherche rien en Europe pour pouvoir fixer la remorque, j’ai fini par trouver (ce fut compliqué) “The Robert Axle Project” au USA, site très bien fait recherche en fonction de la remorque du vélo est on trouve l’axe correspondant envoie et suivi parfait dans un délai de 10 jours, merci a vous car de belle aventure vont ce réaliser.

    Google translate: BOB YAK trailer but 12 mm axle on mtn bike, after search nothing in Europe to be able to fix the trailer, I ended up finding (it was complicated) “The Robert Axle Project” in USA, very well done site. According to the trailer of the bike is found the corresponding axle sends and followed perfect within 10 days, thanks to you as beautiful adventure will achieve this.

  2. Kevin Montague

    Purchased thru axle for BOB Ibex trailer. Perfect fit using template and easy installation video. Have yet to take it out on a ride with the trailer but am sure it will allow me to use my new 29er to pull it instead of having to stay with my old 26. Great job, highly recommend.

  3. Adam Selby (verified owner)

    Great service and fast shipment. The axle took 5 minutes to install and works great for pulling my bob trailer on mountain bike trails.

  4. Dave Lofquist (verified owner)

    Excellent, sturdy product and very responsive customer service!

  5. James Schaefer (verified owner)

    Near instant responses and quick delivery. Kudos!

  6. Andy (Sweden) (verified owner)

    Superb quality and excellent customer support!

  7. Charles Moore (verified owner)

    Works great! Easy install and setup

  8. Eric Wilcox (verified owner)

    Perfect fit with my old BOB gear trailer and my new Ibis Mojo 3! Excellent work, guys!!

  9. Don Olsson (verified owner)

    Purchased the thru axle for the BOB Ibex trailer and the product is a perfect match for my bike. The fitting template and installation video is very helpful as well. Because I was purchasing a second hand trailer which did not include the BOB Trailer quick release, I was lacking the stock trailer pins and RAP Bobbins. Fortunately, The Robert Axle Project sells these as well. Great customer service; quick and knowledgeable response.

  10. Owen Rodabaugh (verified owner)

    Had a work party a few weeks back and used this axle to tow a trailer with two brushers and accessories up and down the Coldwater Lake 230A trail behind my Ibis Mojo HD4. The directions and setup were clear and everything worked as expected.

  11. Tom McGreevy (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly for attaching a rack to my bike which has no mounting points.
    I am very pleased!

  12. Will Ratliffe

    Purchased to enable rack installation on a mountain bike without mounting points. The first axle had a stripped thread; exchange for a replacement was very quick and easy, at which time we realized that either I messed up or the axle sizer did, and we needed a 168 not a 172-178. Again, absolutely no problem to exchange. With the proper one installed the rack fits perfectly. Customer service was as good as it gets.

  13. Brandon (verified owner)

    It fit well and was exactly what I needed to connect the trailer to my bike. Its machined well and is a great product.

  14. Luke (verified owner)

    The axel was perfect, I am now waiting to get my cutthroat back from the shop with a new fork. I am also waiting for a 28 fork for my bob trailer. I am hoping this size axel also fits on my salsa deadwood which also has a 148 boost spacing. Looking forward getting things put together ❤️

  15. M. L. (verified owner)

    I bought this Bob trailer axle so that I could tow my Bob trailer with my new Poseidon Redwood adventure bike. The axle matching process was easy (even for a new bike not yet listed in the automated matching tool. Installation was simple, and the entire setup has worked flawlessly. I love it!

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