12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 160 to 172mm with 1.0 Thread

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Our Trainer Axle is designed to adapt your thru axle equipped bike with your wheel-on trainer, such as a 1up, Blackburn, Cyclops, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo and many other trainers. Our goal is to fit the thru axle to your bike perfectly, so we minimize spacers and extra parts, providing a clean, high performance axle for your bike. Train, warm up and be race ready and fit for the season.

  • Compatible with SRAM UDH and Transmission.

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  • This Trainer Axle is designed to adapt your high quality bike to your wheel-on trainer. These are compatible with all the popular brands: 1up, Blackburn, Cyclops, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo and more.
  • Our first priority is building a precision thru-axle. Our axles fit into your bike as well or better than the stock thru axle.
  • The axle is installed with a simple 5 mm hex/allen key. The same tool that you carry on every ride.
  • The best part? When it’s time for your race or time to head outside, simply remove your bike from the trainer, remove the drive side axle end and go. Our axle is suitable for use on or off the trainer. Indoors or out.
  • Important: Before you order, make sure your specific trainer will accommodate the width of your modern thru-axle equipped bike. Measure your trainer at the widest setting and measure the outside width of your bike frame. Our the trainer axle ends will extend 15 mm past your frame on each side.


Prop65 Warning icon

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel acetate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Robert Axle for Trainers replaces your stock 12 mm thru axle so you can use your bike on a trainer.

  • This axle is compatible with 1up, Blackburn, Cyclops, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo and many other wheel-on resistance trainers.
  • The true length of the axle shaft is 172 mm, but can be shortened using the included spacers – a flat spacer and a tapered X-12 spacer. This allows for axle lengths of 162, 167 or 172 mm. Please note: Thru-axle lengths do not equal hub standards. An axle has to be longer than the hub to fit in the frame. A 12×142 hub does not equal a 142 mm long axle.
  • This axle has a 1.0 mm thread pitch.
  • The axle shaft and axle ends are precision CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, and hard anodized for rugged durability.
  • No special tools required. Design allows for installation or wheel removal using your standard 5 mm hex wrench.
  • Designed, built and quality tested in the USA. Proven around the world.


Need more information about how our axles work?

74 reviews for 12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 160 to 172mm with 1.0 Thread

  1. Victor Ing (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Good quality. Great service!
    I’m now able to put my Specialized Stumpjumper on my BKool trainer and put in some kms when I can’t get outdoors.
    Perfect fit on both the bike and the trainer.
    Very fast delivery to Sydney Australia as well.
    Thank you The Robert Axle Project!

  2. Simon Betts (verified owner)

    It appear that this product is popular with Australian Specialized Stumpjumper owners.

    This product was spot on for my bike and JetBlack trainer. I did fit a slick road tyre to my bike to reduce noise. The axle great quality and the perfect way to rehab from hip surgery.

  3. Mark Manner (verified owner)

    Great product, works well to connect my 142/12 thru axle bike to the trainer. Really quick shipping and delivery.

  4. Nadir Sidi

    This is exactly what I needed. I got this for my 2017 Specialized Roubaix and it fits perfectly with the included washer. My friend got something similar for his brother and he said it was much more than the price here. I really recommend this product!

  5. Nadir Sidi (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I needed. I got this for my 2017 Specialized Roubaix and it fits perfectly with the included washer. My friend got something similar for his brother and he said it was much more than the price here. I really recommend this product!

  6. Danny Jones

    Product is well made and fit perfectly
    I would recommend this product

  7. Pedro Carneiro (verified owner)

    Good costumer service! Works great with my hardtail + wahoo kickr snap!

  8. Garth (verified owner)

    Amazing product!!!! Got me up and training on my trainer two days after I placed my order!!! As far a customer service goes, they are tops…… I wish everything in this country would run as smooth as these guys!!!!

  9. Brian Engler

    Great Product. Great quality. Great service. The Perfect solution for my BMC Roadmachine 03 to workout on my Wahoo Kickr Snap or go straight for a ride.

  10. Gerry (verified owner)

    This is a great option! I’m able to use my main mountain bike on a kinetic trainer through the cold months without much hassle.

  11. Bernard Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Excellent design, very fine machining, and quick delivery. This thru axle allows my wife’s custom Seven Cycles bike to be used on her trainer during the icy periods of winter.

  12. Jesse (verified owner)

    For awesome! Great product! 2018 Specialized Roubaix

  13. Jon Einar Høystad (verified owner)

    The survey (Axle Finder) came out with the axle that fitted perfectly for my Scott Scale mountain bike and my Tacx Flow Smart trainer.
    Delivery of the axle was on time. This is the second axle I buy from these guys, and I am very happy with the service and evrything.

  14. Don Nymann (verified owner)

    Fantastic product & quality! I only needed one of the included spacers for my bike. The end caps are burly and are like those on a traditional quick release skewer. It installed like a breeze and now my thru-axle bike is securely mounted in my CycleOps smart trainer. This is a vastly superior solution compared to the manufacturer’s thru-axle “solution”.

  15. John Coffman (verified owner)

    The axel fit great – the cones could be a bit larger to fit the trainer cups- my trainer is an older Blackburn Fluid trainer and had to make a shim to level up the axel in the trainer.

  16. Robert Watt (verified owner)

    If you never think about your axles that’s a good thing. I bought one of these to ride a trainer and it’s worked great.

  17. Steven Waller (verified owner)

    Used the Axel Finder to come up with this for my 2018 Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 and it fits perfect. Works well in combination with my STAC Zero trainer.

  18. Jennifer Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Solid, high-quality axle! Made in the USA. Works well with my Cannondale Top Stone and Cyclops pro trainer. Really great idea/company. Keep the good stuff coming.

  19. Brent Lind (verified owner)

    This was the perfect solution for mounting my Allez Sprint Disc to a Wahoo Kickr Snap. I have no idea how I would have accomplished this without RAP products. I’m a fan and will probably be putting these axles on all my bikes. Thanks!

  20. Kelly DeBoer (verified owner)

    Fits my 2018 Specialized Diverge carbon nicely for use on my old trainer. Best part is when weather allows, you can roll out the door and onto the backyard trails without changing things over.

  21. Jessica Songer (verified owner)

    Completely satisfied with the product! Speedy delivery time as well!! I will recommend the products to all my bike friends. My friend recommended me as well, so I will keep it going. Thank you so much. I can now ride on my smart trainer!

  22. John (verified owner)

    Great product, flawless experience setting up the purchase and getting the right axle for my Specialized Venge. Thank you to everybody at The Robert Axle Project!!

  23. Chloe (verified owner)

    So simple and easy! As a relative novice, was overwhelmed by other online resources and had no idea what axle I needed. Took the axle finder quiz, it was delivered rapidly and fits my bike and trainer perfectly!

  24. Santiago (verified owner)

    It does what it is supposed to do, got my scott scale 940 on my trainer, but haven’t been able to go to the trails yet.
    The find your axle tool worked great to identify the one I needed.

  25. Rufat Aliev (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly, weights less then the original and worked beautifully on my Tacx Satori. The axle has to drawbacks. Buy it!

  26. Steven Loya (verified owner)

    The product fits without issue on my Specialized Sequoia Elite. Great quality, and no issues with delivery or ordering.

  27. John V (verified owner)

    Worked well to fit my cross bike onto our old 1UP trainer. Well made, great fit, arrived quickly.

  28. Matt Haber (verified owner)

    This went on a Specialized Creo, to enable its use on a wheel-on trainer. Simple to install, and it works. A little pricey, but it’s not a mass market part. I also liked the website tool that helped me find the right axle. I could have done it by measuring and looking up, but this was easier.

  29. Lu (verified owner)

    The axle finder feature worked well to find the correct axle adapter to use with my 2019 Specialized Diverge and Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer. It shows the company did their research and development as the fit was perfect for the bike frame.

  30. Anthony P (verified owner)

    This is a great product. I was able to buy the correct thru axel for my bike. Shipping was fast and easy. It took less than 5 minutes to install the axel. I was up and running on my indoor trainer in no time.

  31. John Price (verified owner)

    Managed to order the correct one – yipee! Used the Roberts guide to select the axle and choice confirmed by a member of Robert’s staff. Works perfectly.

  32. Craig C. (verified owner)

    Saved our ass! We had a couple Saris M2 smart trainers that were set up for quick release…our new Specialized Diverge Comp EO5 gravel bikes were solid thru axles, we bought 2 of the;

    Fit perfect, quick shipping…solid communication. Saved our ass! Thanks so much!

  33. Evan

    I was led astray by a local bike shop and ended up ordering the wrong axle. Luckily for me, Tory and the customer service crew were super helpful and got me sorted in no time. I haven’t had such an easy and efficient customer service experience… ever. Shout out to The Robert Axle Project for keeping their customers happy! 10/10 would recommend.

  34. Gerald (verified owner)

    Great product. Everything arrived intact. Fit onto my bike and trainer perfectly with spacers. Even more awesome by the fact I can take off trainer and hit the road with axle in place, love it THANKS!!!

  35. Enrique (verified owner)

    Love it!!!
    Fits perfectly and I love that I don’t have to change it to ride outdoors! Great product! Thank you!

  36. John Bacon (verified owner)

    My bike trainer, “1up USA CPR A-2000 Bicycle Trainer” was used with my older bikes that used the skewer as the attachment to the trainer. With my newer bike, Specialized Roubaix, it has flush thru axles that made the trainer unusable. Through help from 1up USA they recommended Robert Axle Project. After using the “Thru Axle Finder” on the Robert Axle Project site I found the thru axle for my Roubaix; a “12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 160 to 172mm with 1.0 Thread”. The order was placed and a few days later the axle arrived and it quickly went on the bike and in the trainer. The whole process was seamless.

  37. Scott Hembree

    Wow. Worked exactly as expected. Replaced the axle on my ’20 Roubaix and went right on my Cyclops trainer.

  38. Joshua D Reisz (verified owner)

    This was exactly what I needed for my trainer. Generally my bike would not fit the Travel Trac Comp Mag that I have but this through axle made it work. I also appretiate the company getting back to my initial inquiry email quickly. Thanks again.

  39. Thomas Craney (verified owner)

    Bike: Canyon Inflite
    High quality, works as it should on my cycleops fluid 2 trainer. Best of all did not have to buy a second trainer for cross warmups.

  40. Greg Hodge (verified owner)

    Perfect! I just bought a 2021 Specialized Diverge E5 Comp and didn’t realize I would need this until I got it home and looked at my Blackburn Trakstand. The Robert Axle Project was great! They got me the correct axle super fast. (12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 160 to 172mm with 1.0 Thread) The torque spec is slightly lower than Specialized calls for but they assured me the lower spec plenty sufficient via their customer chat line. The axle installed in minutes and I’m using it now while watching the snow and waiting for spring.

  41. Ben Clarkson (verified owner)

    This really is an incredibly well-built axle! It fits my Specialized Diverge E5 2021 perfectly and allows me to use an indoor trainer. Couldn’t be happier! Well worth the money for such a quality product.

  42. Kevin Boersen (verified owner)

    Axle is great, Just type in what ya got and it fits, Got it on my Specialized Diverge, Makes it so I can put it on my trainer and can ride down the road with it in, How fantastic!!

  43. Joseph Trask (verified owner)

    Product a perfect fit for my Specialized gravel bike and indoor trainer. Simple to use and install. Quick service from and shipping despite horrible snowstorm

  44. SusieH (verified owner)

    This worked perfectly for my Cannondale Topstone 4 using the KickR Snap fitness trainer. Easy to install. What a great product!!

  45. Rex (verified owner)

    Great quality product! I set up my girlfriend’s Specialized Roubaix disc on my old Cyclops wheel-on trainer and she loves it! Thank you.

  46. Roubaix NorCal (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do. The axle finder worked perfectly and the instructions are super clear, so this fit my Specialized Roubaix on the trainer. Definitely would recommend

  47. Kendrick Lau (verified owner)

    Works as described. Item received within 3 days. Fast shipping. High quality product!

  48. François La Roche (verified owner)

    Great find on the Internet ! Happy I found you guy! I now have a solution to stop switching axels and adaptors on my (only) bike –what a hassle. Now I ride outside and inside using that only axle ; no futsin’ around anymore.

    I found the product to be of great quality. And I loved using the “Axle Finder” page online. Simple and effective.

    Suggestion : consider an all black (mat?!) version! Would look awesome on my Tarmac SL6.

    Cheers and happy ridin’.
    – F
    Montréal, CANADA

  49. Anthony Jones (verified owner)

    I just received my training axle yesterday, installed today, in love forever!!!! Great quality, fit and finish is excellent. I bought my Diverge used and for some reason was having the hardest time installing the original axle back on the bike no matter how I tried to put it on. I watch a Specialized dealer mechanic have problems with it for 15 whole minutes which was a relief because I thought I was going crazy. I finally resorted to buying an after market skewer type axle that bypassed the threading and attached at the end with an screw on end cap. My rear brake also had a little friction which had me thinking to get a new caliper. I installed your axle 3X!!!!!! with absolutely no issues!!!! And that friction I had….is gone completely!!!! I am absolutely ecstatic about this thing and I haven’t even used it for what it’s made for. Thank you for making an item that has made my riding life a lot easier and satisfying. By the way, I mechanic who worked on my bike at a Trek dealer gave you guys a lot of praise saying you made quality products. Thought you should know.

  50. Ethan Caines (verified owner)

    The Axle Finder service was amazing at helping me figure out which axle to use with my bike trainer. This axle allowed me to use my Specialized Tarmac Pro with my Kickr Snap, thank you team!

  51. Andrew Jacobson (verified owner)

    Ordered the 160-172mm with 1mm thread for my 2020 Cannondale Synapse Carbon and it works wonderfully! Super easy to switch out with stock axle and immediately linked up with my Wahoo Kickr. A super convenient time saver and a nobrainwr purchase for anyone that rides both outside and on a trainer with the same bike!!

  52. Steven Mcdonough

    Awesome customer support, quick shipping, and product is high quality. Using a Cannonade topstone 1 with a wahoo kickr snap.

  53. Rich Waight (verified owner)

    The selector tool worked perfectly!! My wife is now cycling on her Tacx. Super impressed!

  54. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get from online merchants that you don’t know, but this product and store were both great. I needed an axle for my 2021 Specialized Roubaix for use in a trainer. I saw some products that had really mixed reviews on Amazon, and even tried to build one myself after watching some YT videos. But I really didn’t want to damage the bike. This axle was exactly the one I needed, and it arrived within a week of ordering. It fits perfectly and works great.

  55. Ron Schroeder (verified owner)

    Thanks for producing such an excellent product. Shipped right away, installed in about 3 minutes. Now able to continue indoor training on my Specialized Roubai and Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer. Keep up the awesome work!

  56. Randy Fary (verified owner)

    You make it so easy to get the right axle on the first try. Just match up your original axle with the to-scale printout and follow the directions. Plus the product appears very professionally manufactured. My bike is now ready for wintertime riding on the trainer, plus, I don’t have to change it out for normal riding if I don’t want to. I would never go anywhere else for anything you folks make.

  57. Steve Skulski (verified owner)

    Appears to be very well made. It fit perfectly in my gravel bike and then into my old Minoura Mag85 trainer. I would purchase the product again if I needed another one.

  58. Russell Lewandowski (verified owner)

    Fits perfect on my S-Works Roubaix 142×12 thru-axle to allow me to use on my Computrainer/Zwift setup.

  59. Chris Roberts

    Great product! Allowed me to adapt my wife’s 2020 Specialized Sirrus X to my older CycleOps Fluid 2. Shipping was prompt and installation was a snap. Thank you!

  60. Dan G

    2018 Specialized Roubaix Comp. Fits the threads perfectly. I reached out to Specialized tech support prior to purchasing to make sure this axle thread pitch was compatible. I have used it on the trainer for a month and switched back to the stock axle for rides and no damage to threads. Happy customer.

  61. Wayne Koball

    Awesome product – it was easy to install, well made, and was shipped quickly. It is in my bike now, which is on the stand. Bring on the long days of spring so the snow can melt !

  62. David McCurley

    TRA213 is a perfect fit for my Felt VR. Unfortunately the website initially suggested the TRA217, which was too short. [I know, it’s confusing the 217 is shorter than the 213.] Thankfully Tory understood and wasted no time getting out the TRA213 and a return label. No issues since then. 🙂

  63. Jen Walker

    Exactly what I needed. Got this to mount my Creo SL to my Garmin Tacx trainer. I love that I can pull the bike off the trainer and go for a ride outside without having to switch axles again.

  64. Steve Watkins

    Fantastic service.. the Robert’s axle project was ordered on line before their opening. Shortly after completing order, I received a phone call from the service department to make sure that the axle would work for my setup, and less than an hour later I received a tracking number my shipment. The installation was easy; the product is fantastic, too. Thank you !

  65. Seth Foster (verified owner)

    High quality product. EXCELLENT customer support. Worth the couple of extra dollars over inferior alternatives. My only suggestion would be to add some additional information to the instruction booklet, as it was unclear exactly how to utilize the spacers properly. One email from support after sending them some photos, and… perfect solution.

  66. Shane Grush (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Having bought my first indoor trainer I quickly realized my Cannondale needed a rear axle to connect to the trainer. I am so thankful that this product was made with a high attention to detail.

  67. Dan R. (verified owner)

    Purchased and installed on 2022 Specialized Tarmac SL7. Perfect fit, and works perfectly on the Wahoo Kickr SNAP with a trusty red rubber trainer tire for these cold winter days.

  68. Clarence Cramer (verified owner)

    Great service. And the 12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 160 to 172mm with 1.0 Thread was a perfect fit to use my thru axle bike on my new Saris smart trainer. The axle is of very high quality. I highly recommend this company.

  69. Mike D. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, great quality awesome product and cust service. Glad I found this product.

  70. James McKenzie (verified owner)

    This is my second trainer thru-axle. Great product that holds Mt bike securely. No fears of a disconnect or falling off the trainer. We’ll made and looks like it will outlast the bike!

  71. Larry Vanzant (verified owner)

    With all the rain we have been having here in Santa Barbara this winter I needed to get on the trainer. As I’m setting up and realizing I would need an adapter for my old trainer I just decided to go out for a night ride. I ordered a thu axle adapter and voila! I’m back on the trainer a few days later. Works perfect.

  72. Bill Walker (verified owner)

    I ordered the 12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 160 to 172mm with 1.0 Thread for my 2023 Cannondale Synapse 2.0. It fit perfectly onto my bike, but the bike won’t fit my CycleOps Fluid trainer. I needed to order a shorter locking bolt for my CycleOps fluid trainer that will allow for 142 mm through axle.

  73. brian (verified owner)

    fit perfect, the website makes it fool proof.

  74. Bob Prater (verified owner)

    Using it on my 2022 Specialized Robaix Comp with AXS group-set combined with a Saris F2 trainer.

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