12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 165 to 159mm with 1.5 Thread

12mm Thru Axle for Trainer: 165 to 159mm with 1.5 Thread

(53 customer reviews)

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Our Trainer Axle is designed to adapt your thru axle equipped bike with your on wheel trainer, such as a 1up, Blackburn, Cyclops, Kinetic, Tacx, Wahoo and many other trainers. Our goal is to fit the thru axle to your bike perfectly, so we minimize spacers and extra parts, providing a clean, high performance axle for your bike. Train, warm up and be race ready and fit for the season.

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53 reviews

  1. Mike Spalding (verified owner)

    I needed a trainer axle for my Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 road bike. Giant plans to offer a trainer axle, but my LBS couldn’t say when it would be available. The Robert Axle website made it easy to determine which of their axles would fit. They shipped it promptly, it’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the included installation instructions were clear and simple, it fit perfectly, and I’ve been riding my trainer while the snow piles up outside. Truly a quality product from quality people – highly recommended!

  2. Richard Blankenship (verified owner)

    I needed a trainer axle for my daughter’s Giant/Liv Avail Advanced 2 but couldn’t find one until I found The Robert Axle Project. Their customer service and support was excellent in making sure that I ordered and received the correct axle. The product is excellent, so much so that I ordered an axle for my Domane 4.5 Disc bike to replace the one that I purchased from a different source earlier. The axles are perfect fits. Great group with whom to do business. I have no reservations recommending the company or product.

  3. Phil Jensen

    I moved to a new bike (TCX-SL2) which has 12mm thru axle rear. Tried several other places to find the right axle to allow me to use my CycleOps trainer with no luck. These folks sent exactly the right part, it’s well made and it came quickly. I would recommend them without reservation. Thanks!!!

  4. Bryan (verified owner)

    Bike: Merida Scultura Disc
    Trainer: Wahoo KICKR Snap
    Sizing: CHECK using the chart they have; if in doubt email them, they are very helpful and prompt in replying

    I love riding both indoors and outdoors, and this axle allows me to do just that without the headaches of switching axles etc. There is nothing worse than having to unscrew the axle, replace it, keep the bike from wobbling, align the hub/frame,…. all to make a 4 minute commute to the shops to get that one zucchini my wife needs, and then reverse to process to get back on the trainer. Now, I just the leave the axle in and forget about it.

    From a pure-training point of view, when the weather does a get a bit chillier, it means that I can warm up on my trainer at home and all I have to do is take the bike out of the KICKR Snap and I start my outdoor training nice and warm.

    Wahoo sells a similar product for mounting a bike on the trainer but it is a rip off, not nearly as functional and they do not encourage it to be used outside.

  5. Rodrigo Biffi (verified owner)

    I checked sizes with the comparison table and after that I was very confident on which axle to order. The axle attached beautifully to a Giant Defy Advanced 2 (2017) running on a Tacx Bushido Smart trainer. As a matter of fact the axle contact with the trainer arms is way more precise now as compared with my previous experiences with quick release axles (less jiggling). Fast delivery. No trouble. Recommend 100%.

  6. Gabe Williams

    Hello, I own an outdoor store in northern Michigan which includes a bike and ski shop. I recently ordered a Giant Avail Advanced Pro for my wife and upon bringing it home to put on the trainer, quickly realized it had a rear through axle. After looking through our shop catalogs including QBP and J and B importers, I came to the conclusion I had to look online. I came across these guys and after sending an email and getting a quick response I ordered and received my axle in two days from California… Incredible. Though we are a Brick and Mortar shop, we ship skis all over the country and our customers love our personal service and that’s what I love about the Robertaxleproject!

  7. RyanS (verified owner)

    I’m using this axle with my 2017 Giant Defy. Works great in my trainer. Best of all, it was reasonably priced AND actually available when nothing else was.

    I haven’t used it on the road since I like my wheel to be removalble without tools when I’m out but it’s good to know that it would t be the end of the world if I forgot!

  8. Matthew Brennan

    Purchased this for my Scott Solace Disc 10, works perfectly with my Nashbar Fluid Pro trainer. Easy to install on the bike, easy to install the bike on the trainer.

  9. Oris Fortuna (verified owner)

    I recently purchased an in door bicycle trainer to use it on my Scott Solace bike; just to find out that the universal axle that came with the trainer did not fit. Then I went to the local bicycle shop to purchase the right piece. That shop didn’t carry the piece, however they did the research for me and they recommended me The Robert Axle Project (TRAP). I went ahead and provided the right information to TRAP. In a matter of days, I had the part. Everything is working perfect. I am pleased with the product and the quality of the service. Highly recommended!

  10. Jason Rowland (verified owner)

    This model has proven to work with my Giant TCR Disc combined with my Wahoo trainer. Ordering a second axle for my wife’s Avail.

  11. Steven Nelson (verified owner)

    I purchased this axle for my wife’s Liv Avail and Cycleops trainer. The fit was perfect.

  12. Curtis Smith (verified owner)

    Perfect!!! Giant still doesn’t have trainer axles for their Defy Advanced bikes, so I had to turn to Robert Axle. Fast shipping and the axle works perfectly!!

  13. Brett Perchaluk (verified owner)

    Works great with my Giant TCX Advanced SX and Tacx trainer! Feels nice and solid in the trainer, and shipped fast to Canada. The bike shop said it might be weeks before I could get a trainer axle from Giant so I sourced this one.

  14. Joe B. (verified owner)

    I needed this for my Giant Defy Advanced, and it worked perfectly! Glad to have a product that I can use for a long time on my trainer.

  15. Johnny Balding (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly! High quality product that was easy to install. I had a question on the use of the axle & it was answered within an hour. Great service & would highly recommend this company!

  16. AJ (verified owner)

    Perfect for the trainer. Great stuff here. Highly recommend.

  17. Howie Granat (verified owner)

    Axle worked perfectly for my new Look 765 Disc on an older Minoura trainer. Used the measurement guide, and with the confirmation from the Robert Axle team – the axle arrived 3 days later and worked splendidly. Fits really well on trainer and the bike feels stable and secure.

  18. Michael Gogolen (verified owner)

    Ordered for a Pinarello Gan, fit perfectly with my bike and my CycleOps Jet Fluid 2 trainer. Much different size than what was imprinted on the factory axle, so definitely check out the sizing worksheet. I didn’t think there were axles available sized for my bike, but fortunately that was wrong.

  19. Dan Shadix (verified owner)

    I bought the manufacturers (CycleOps) trainer axle for my Scott Addict Gravel 30 and it just didn’t work. It came with a bunch of spacers to supposedly make it fit but it was too long even with the new trainer adapter I bought with it. I was ready to give up on it when I found The Robert Axle Project and decided to give it one more try. The axle fits perfectly with no changes to the trainer and is simply a superior design.

  20. Mia E. (verified owner)

    Purchased a Cyclops trainer and the rep there suggested this site to purchase the necessary axle to fit the trainer for my Liv Avail Advanced bike. The website was easy to use and helpful in choosing the correct size for my bike. Would recommend.

  21. Michael Hand (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. I bought this for my 2018 Giant Defy Advanced 2 to fit my indoor fluid trainer and the product performs better than I expected. The ordering process was easy and straightforward, and the shipping was quick. If I ever need another axle adapter The Robert Axle Project will be the first place I look.

  22. Doug Dye

    Much better design than some of the others on the market. Easy installation and beautifully made.

  23. Dale Krueger (verified owner)

    I needed an axle for my Orbea Terra so that I could use it with my indoor trainer. My local bike shop said that I would need to buy a new trainer because no one made an axle that would work. I was surprised when I found that Robert Axle made one that exactly fit my bike. Easy to install and I did not need to buy a new trainer. It is a great product specifically designed for my bike and trainer. I highly recommend Robert Axle Project

  24. Ramiro (verified owner)

    I needed a trainer axle for my Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 road bike and found this one. Very well build and fits perfectly on my Elite Quo Digital trainer!!

    Thank you

  25. Robert Chen (verified owner)

    New bike with thru-axles but old trainer. What to do?

    Robert Axle spec’ed the perfect solution. Perfect size. Perfect machining. I plan to ride the same axle on the road this spring!

    Highly recommended.

  26. Andrés Cabrerizo (verified owner)

    Eje perfecto para Orbea Avant con frenos de disco y cualquier rodillo.
    Perfect axle for Orbea Avant with disc brakes and any trainer.

  27. Jeff Hamilton (verified owner)

    Great product, using it for a trainer. Worth the price

  28. Caroline (verified owner)

    Bought this to use on my Quintana Roo PRsix disc brake tri bike with thru axle while on my trainer. It is the perfect fit. Super easy to use and fits perfectly with my trainer. Definitely recommend it !

  29. Larry Herriman (verified owner)

    Great product. Perfect fit and easy installation on my bike when I ‘need’ to use the trainer. I tried other axles and the extra tools and multiple washers were a hassle. Plus, they wouldn’t fit my trainer! This axle is simple and can be left on the bike when I’m not using it on the trainer.

  30. Kristy (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I needed. I went through 2 different adapters specific to my trainers brand. Finally found The Robert Axle Project, made my life so much easier! Great quality and the team who runs it is even better. I recommend them through and through.

  31. Matt P (verified owner)

    This Axle came recommended from the team at STAC for their Zero trainer, now that I got a new bike (Argon 18 Dark Matter). It shipped very quickly, and it’s working like a charm.
    10/10 will continue to support RA Project in the future.

  32. Joe (verified owner)

    Works great. Wish you made a complete solution for the Tacx Neo! Thru axels are a real pain in those trainers.

  33. Phil Doak (verified owner)

    Excellent service. I had just purchased a new Pinarello with disc brakes and I needed a trainer axle for my Cyclops Fluid. The website made the selection very easy and it arrived before I expected! Good stuff

  34. Shewey

    Brilliant, I can now use my disc brake Ridley Noah Fast with my ageing (but still performing well) Racermate Computrainer turbo.

    I needed the Robert Axle Project Turbo Trainer 12mm Thru-Axle – M12 x 1.5 – 159/165mm, with the supplied chunky spacer washer installed on the non-drive side.
    The fit to get the axle ends inside the frame is a little tighter than with a Quick Release, but perfectly doable without any modifications needed.
    The result is the bike is held securely.

    It’s a nicely finished axle too, it exudes good quality and craftsmanship.
    Thanks for making this item, The Robert Axle Project.

  35. Trevor

    The process of selecting the appropriate axle was so easy my 6 week old son could do it. I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr Snap and the axle kit they offered was expensive and included multiple axles. I knew the quality wouldn’t be all that great so I went searching the interwebs. TRAP consistently popped up with excellent reviews and once i saw the product on their webstore I knew this was the bees knees. It’s such a nice axle I had a hard time clamping it in knowing it would get a little gouged up. The best part is you can take it off the trainer and straight into a outdoor ride. You will not regret this investment!

  36. W Collin (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Fits perfectly. Thanks

  37. Giuliano (verified owner)

    the pin (axle) is perfect, easy to mount on the bike and keeps it stable and firm on the training roller

  38. Mark MacKenzie (verified owner)

    Worked like a charm! I own and operate a bike shop and happen to have some mountain guys into indoor training. Had to get him set up proper on his Rocky Mtn Solo for some Zwift!

    All the best and will always opt for your axles when modding out!

    All the best this Holiday,

    Mark MacKenzie
    Shop Owner
    The Bike Hub

  39. Diego (verified owner)

    I needed an axle to fit my bike onto my Wahoo Kickr Snap, this does the job perfectly :).

  40. Dan Robillard (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my Giant Defy Advance Pro 1, works great with my CycleOps trainer.

  41. Marc St-Jean (verified owner)

    Perfect fit!!

  42. Jeb (verified owner)

    Thanks guys! My axle works great and your site made it no hassle to order the right one!

  43. Safwan Halabi (verified owner)

    This axle worked like a charm for my REI Co-op road bicycle and the Wahoo Kickr Snap. I would not hesitate ordering from The Robert Axle Project again.

  44. patricia (verified owner)

    High quality axle, fits perfectly. Great customer service, thanks

  45. Daryl Parker (verified owner)

    Was rather skeptical about buying an axle this way. Putting details into the web and getting a product does not seems like it would work, but it does! Received the product promptly, it went on easily and works flawlessly. What more could you want?

  46. Fernando M (verified owner)

    Excelent product. Perfect fit for my Giant TCR Pro Team 2020 on a Wahoo Kickr Snap.
    The product was delivered prior to the expected date.

  47. Stuart (verified owner)

    After purchasing my Scott Metrix 2020 disc bike I was placed in covid 19 lockdown in remote Kalgoorlie. Requiring a solution to mount my bike to my elite trainer I found it with the rover axle project. The through bolt adaptor is high quality machined parts and fitted first time perfectly.
    Delivery was prompt across the earth to Australia 🇦🇺.
    Would highly recommend

  48. Jim Meriwether (verified owner)

    My bike trainer is older and my bike is newer, so the thru axle that came with my bike would not work. The axle finder worked great for finding the correct axle for my Giant Revolt Advanced 2. The axle is very nicely machined and fit in my bike perfectly and works great with my bike / trainer combo. This isn’t my first axle from the Robert Axle Project, as I also have one in my 2018 Breezer Doppler Pro, so I am a very happy repeat customer .

  49. Patrick M Wahrer (verified owner)

    I needed a axle do that I could use my Scott Addict on my trainer so I could rehab after two back to back knee surgeries. I wasn’t sure which axle to purchase so I used the Chat feature and was assured which axle to purchase (12mm Thru Axle for Trainer 165 to 159mm with 1.5 thread). Worked like a champ! I liked it so much that I purchased a second of the same axle as my wife owns a Scott Addict also just in a “wee” version. This company is awesome and I will certainly tell my cyclist friends! Thanks Again!!

  50. Robert (verified owner)

    The axle worked out great for our Wahoo Kickr Snap and Giant/Liv bikes. We were worried that we had bought an unusable trainer but Robert Axle saved the day!

  51. Christi Tezak (verified owner)

    So… ordered a Wahoo Kickr Snap… and there apparently is a nationwide shortage of the thru axle adapters Wahoo offers. While their three-pack (three different axle widths) is nice for the same $$, the Snap is useless without one and zero visibility on when the adapter would be back was a bit frustrating.

    Many thanks to the folks here who left helpful reviews (Richard Blackenship, w/r/t the Liv Avail), Bryan of the Zucchini run who noted I wouldn’t need to swap out the training axle to get back on the road, and Robert who confirmed the Liv Avail + Snap relationship. Thank you all and thank you RAP for making it all work, notwithstanding pandemic related shortages.

  52. Dyfrig (verified owner)

    Works great!

  53. Jim C. (verified owner)

    Perfect thru Axle for my Bianchi Impulso (12x142mm Rear Axle) and Wahoo Kickr Snap Trainer. Much easier to setup then an actual Wahoo thru Axle which is more expensive, wasteful (you have to order all three thread sizes) and needs an adapter.
    Was easy to find using the tools on the website and arrived quickly. Also answered email question I had right away. A great product that works perfectly by a company I will recommend to all my cycling friends.

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