Thru Axles for Bakcou eBike Trailers

Yes, we have thru axles for attaching Bakcou eBike Trailers!

Access your favorite backcountry hunting spots by mountain bike or fat bike without compromising what you can bring, in or out of the woods. Ebikes are stealthy alternatives to ATVs and Motorcycles that also allow you to get farther into the backcountry where motorized vehicles aren’t allowed.

Bakcou eBikes makes a variety of trailers that are designed for backcountry hunting. The Folding Cargo Trailer, The Compact Gear Trailer, and The Folding Deer Trailer all have a single sided hitch and use our “KID TRAILER” axles. Our Axle Finder above will help you find the axle that perfectly fits your bike.

Bakcou eBikes’ one-wheeled Hunting Cargo Trailer mounts on to both ends of the axle and uses our “BOB TRAILER”  thru axles and out Trailer Hardware Kit. Mounting to both ends of the axle provides plenty of strength and stability for these one-wheeled, agile trailers.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a Bakcou trailer we still have your back! We make axles that are compatible with all QuietKt trailers and more.

**For the two-wheeled Folding Cargo Trailers and Folding Deer Trailers choose “KID TRAILER.” For the one wheel Cargo Trailers, choose “BOB TRAILER”.