BOB Trailer Tire – 16″ Maxxis Hookworm

BOB Trailer Tire – 16″ Maxxis Hookworm

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This 16″ tire, the Maxxis Hookworm, is great for BOB Yak and Ibex Trailers. It is durable, puncture-resistant and has minimal rolling resistance. The tire has tread specific sidewalls, an inverted semi-slick tread design and good air volume for flotation.

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We love these tires for our BOB Yak and Ibex trailers. We used these tires on our complete crossing of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in 2003 and they are still with us and being used on a regular basis. They are marked as only a 1.95″ width, however, that is the width of their casing, which means tons of air-volume for good flotation.The inverted tread design has minimal rolling resistance and the bead-to-bead tread provides durability and great resistance to pinch flats while your BOB is bouncing around behind you down the trail. This 16′” tire is a great upgrade for your BOB trailer.


  • Color: Black
  • ISO Diameter: 16″
  • ISO Width (mm): 50 mm
  • Labeled Size: 16 x 1.95
  • Max PSI: 110
  • TPI: 60
  • Tire Bead: Steel
  • Tire Diameter: 16″
  • Weight: 515 g


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