Thru Axles for STAC Zero and 4iiii Fliiiight Trainers

Our 12mm thru axles for STAC Zero Trainers, now made by 4iiii as the Fliiiight Trainer, adapt your 12mm thru-axle equipped mountain bike, cyclocross bike, gravel bike, or road bike to the STAC Zero and 4iiii Fliiiight trainers. With this thru axle for Fliiiight trainer, you can now train and warm-up on your favorite bike.

The STAC Zero and 4iiii Fliiiight trainers use induction technology to provide magnetic resistance without contacting your wheels. This provides a near silent trainer experience and leaves your tires fresh and ready to get back on the road or trail.

Our Trainer Axles axles are engineered to fit your bike perfectly. Robert Axle Project Trainer Axles can be left installed so your bike is always ready to ride, indoors or out, with or without the trainer. Installation and swapping back to the stock axle (if you chose) is simple and only requires a single 5mm hex key, commonly found on your favorite multi-tool.

Enjoy the quietest trainer on the market and the peace of mind of thru axle performance together with 4iiii (formerly STAC) and Robert Axle Project.