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Lightning Bolt-on Axle – 12mm thru axle for FOCUS R.A.T. Bikes – 12×142

Lightning Bolt-on Axle – 12mm thru axle for FOCUS R.A.T. Bikes – 12×142

(16 customer reviews)

$ 58.00

After years of mountain biking with thru-axles with bulky handles that seemed to strike every trailside obstacle we needed a better option. Our Lightning Bolt-On thru axles offer the highest quality, simple, lightweight alternative to that bulky handle. Available in a range of sizes that fit both front and rear wheels on all types of thru-axle equipped bikes. Compatible with Hexlox security systems.

This thru axle is compatible with bikes that have the FOCUS R.A.T. thru axle system and 12×142 hub spacing. M12x1.5 threaded replacement nut included, to replace the FOCUS R.A.T. nut that came on your bike.

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16 reviews

  1. Tore (verified owner)

    Great axle/nut that replaced the not-so great R.A.T. – axle that my Focus Mares came with. Finally I can change wheels without swearing, sweating and the use of several tools. R.A.T is OK as long as you don’t have to change wheels.

  2. Gonzalo (verified owner)

    Very good quality
    You save 50 grams of weight orginal focus axle.
    Black anonized nut. Much better than aluminum color.

  3. Gonzalo (verified owner)

    Very good quality
    You save 50 grams of weight on the orginal focus axle.
    Black anonized nut. Much better than aluminum color

  4. Terry Evans (verified owner)

    The Robert Axle Project Company and their front and rear axle opinion , I have a 2015 Focus Mares CX Bike with the R.A.T. thru axle system. By replacing the rear R.A.T. thru axle with the Lighting Bolt-On Axle I have removed all of the inconsistency that I was having. The fit and finish of the lightning bolt-on axle is top of the market.

  5. Leithen M’Gonigle

    Really great product. My Izalco Max Disc was having issues with the RAT thru axles and I couldn’t find replacements here in Canada, despite trying. While I did like the RAT axles, these are a far superior and more durable solution. Also, really great build quality. Thank you!

  6. Dion (verified owner)

    Great product, allowed me to utilize my direct drive trainer with my RAT Focus Izalco Max. Great quality. Love it.

  7. Jason Brummels (verified owner)

    The perfect solution to the “perfect” solution from Focus! High quality, easy to use, and great fit. Thank you!

  8. Viacheslav Andzhich (verified owner)

    The original axle on Raven is a night mare. Not only it’s almost impossible to install a wheel during a race, when everything is covered in mud and your hands are shaking like crazy. But it also can’t create enough grip to prevent some hubs from creaking in the frame. And when you tighten the axle more, the thread on the adjuster strips, leaving you in a middle of a marathon without your bike, nice 🙂
    This Robert Axle piece is just great, and, I believe, it’s a must have for anyone who unlucky enough to get a bike with RAT 🙂

  9. Josh Robinson (verified owner)

    What a wonderful product. Makes removing and installing wheels so much easier than the RAT axles that originally came on my Focus Mares CX. Also gives me much greater confidence that they are on securely when installed. Installation was a breeze as well. I’m a believer! Thanks guys!

  10. AK (verified owner)

    Could not have been any easier to install (Focus Izalco Max Disc). Great, precise construction too. The instructions were a little bit outdated but I didn’t really need them. An must-buy if you’re using Focus R.A.T. axles.

  11. Gary Bergal (verified owner)

    RAT replacement fit perfectly. Shipping was practically immediate. All is well in the Focus Mares axle world. Highly recommend if you are frustrated with your RAT axle.

  12. Matt Bootsman (verified owner)

    After breaking a couple of R.A.T. axles and having the rear axle creak and shift, and struggling with rotor rub on my front brake I lost all confidence in the R.A.T axle.

    NOW I get what the big deal is about through axles. The Robert Axle Project axles noticeably improved the ride quality of my Focus Mares. And now I’m not worried about another mid ride failure. Fit and finish are perfect.

    TRAP the R.A.T. You won’t go back.

  13. Yao (verified owner)

    Its make my focus more lighter and easy to change tire.

  14. Alex (verified owner)

    Used this axle to put my Focus Paralane on a direct drive trainer, works like a charm. Thanks to great support that helped advised me on choosing this axle among the rest. Will ride with it too, and probably, get a front one 😉

  15. Kierstyn (verified owner)

    The Robert axle is a great replacement for the original RAT axle that came with the 2015 Focus Mares CX bike. Now, I have both front & rear Robert Axle replacements that should outlast the bike’s requirements for me.
    Perfect fit for my Direto Elite trainer
    Well done

  16. Jacek (verified owner)

    Super oś!
    Wreszcie normalne mocowanie koła a nie walka z głupkowatym R.A.T.
    Przesyłka do Polski w cztery dni oś zakupu!

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  • Purchase Robert Axle Thru axles and Hexlox locks for both your axles and for other vulnerable components.

    Here’s how:

    1. To secure your Lightning Bolt-On Axles, you’ll need one 6mm Hexlox for each axle. These include the magnetic insert for our axles which, since they are aluminum are not magnetic.
    2. Add at least one key to install and remove your Hexlox system. You will receive a key which matches the Hexlox you order. Order multiple keys if you want a spare.
    3. For other all other components, check your bike for what you want to secure. Options include Hexlox’s that fit in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm bolts, so check your bike and purchase what you need!
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    *How to order: This product is thread pitch dependent. You must order the same thread pitch as the thru axle in your bike. Need help with that? Visit our What Axle Do I Need page!


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