12mm Thru Axle for Kid Trailer

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Robert Axles for Kid Trailers are designed specifically to fit your 12mm thru-axle bike and allow attachment of any hitch-mounted trailer. These fit any trailer that has two wheels and a single point of attachment to the axle. This includes all the two-wheeled child, pet and cargo trailers such as: Thule, Chariot, Burley, Instep, Carry Freedom, and many more.

Purchase our Kid Trailer axle for your bike. Share your stoke for cycling with your kids. Simplify your life by allowing quick and secure attachment of your trailer to your best and favorite bike. Enjoy the adventure.

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Since 2013, we have been an important part of cyclists’ adventures all over the world. Our axles have millions of miles on them in mountain bikes and road bikes, carbon bikes, fat bikes and e-bikes. Our axles are specifically designed to handle the high-torque loads generated by e-bikes.

Your stock thru-axle is not strong enough to haul your precious cargo! Our axles are 3 to 4 times stronger than the stock axle that came with your bike. Our stainless steel axle ends provide a safe and secure attachment point of the hitch to the axle. The axle is quick to install and remove with a common 5mm hex key.

Our axles are not just designed in the USA, but are made here as well. They are machined by avid cyclists to the tightest standards in the industry. We safety test, to failure, every batch of axles we produce to ensure they exceed your expectations.


Robert Axle for Kid Trailers replaces your stock thru-axle so you can attach a child or cargo trailer to your 12 mm thru axle equipped bike.

  • This axle is compatible with Burley, Carry Freedom, Chariot/Thule, Croozer, Instep, and many more hitch style trailers.
  • The true length of the axle shaft is 180 mm, but can be shorted using the included 6 mm spacer for lengths of 174 mm or 180 mm. Please note: Thru-axle lengths do not equal hub standards. An axle has to be longer than the hub to fit in the frame. A 12×148 hub does not equal a 148 mm long axle.
  • This axle has a 1.75 mm thread pitch.
  • The axle shaft and axle end are precision CNC machined.
  • The axle shaft is 7075 aluminum and hard black anodized for rugged durability.
  • The axle end is stainless steel, which allow for mounting of the hitch provided with your trailer. The threads are M10x1 (metric).
  • Hardware for attachment of the hitch is included; the hitch is not.
  • No special tools required. Design allows for installation or wheel removal using your standard 5mm hex wrench.
  • Designed, built and quality tested in the USA. Proven around the world.


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15 reviews

  1. Aaron Drexler (verified owner)

    I had a problem (not being able to use my new bike trailer) and the Robert Axle Project 12mm thru axle for kid’s trailer was the perfect solution! I have now put this thing to the test on several rides with my son and it’s held up extremely well. You know something’s good when you can just forget about it.

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    Works great, and only took a few minutes to install. Very pleased with the purchase.

  3. AJ (verified owner)

    The Thule brand adapter wouldn’t work for me so I reached out. The Robert axle works perfect and shipped quickly. Thank you very much.

  4. Jakob Peterson (verified owner)

    Works great on my bike. Received very quickly. Was shipped the same day I ordered it.

  5. Zak (verified owner)

    Works perfectly, easy install, very well made, and received quickly.

  6. Brian (verified owner)

    This worked perfectly for my Niner RLT 9 hooked to a Giant kid trailer! I pulled my four year old along on his first bikepacking adventure. An over-nighter to a Michigan state park campground. 35 mile round trip and no issues whatsoever (other than a few potty emergencies and cries of “are we there yet” from the back). Looking forward to our next adventure!

  7. Kristian Knudsen (verified owner)

    Easy to install and it works great. I was a little worried that it wouldnt be strong enough for the trailer. But after heavy use for about a month its going on strong.

  8. Ben (verified owner)

    Easy to find the axle you need. Easy to order it. They even sent it to New Zealand. Nothing I can think of could have been done better.

  9. Mike BILYNSKY (verified owner)

    Best thing ever! Great quality construction and drop in fit.

  10. Paul Standing (verified owner)

    So I use my new Norco Torrent (with thru axles) hauling a trailer as a side gig delivering just under 100 daily papers around the neighbourhood.
    I love the job and my new “Robert Axle” is just the ticket required. I no longer think about the approximately 75 lbs I’m hauling and how it may effect both my cargo trailer or my axle. It just works.

  11. Heather (verified owner)

    Glad to be back on the bike and a new version of freedom!

  12. Steve (verified owner)

    Perfect! Allowed me to hook my pet trailer up to my 2017 Haibike Sduro. Now I use it for all kinds of things- trip to the hardware store? No prob. Groceries? Yup. Nice work.

  13. Ethan (verified owner)

    Took no time at all to find the correct Axle for trailer which mount. I have a Fuji and a Trek Bikes needed ban axle for each so I could use my trailer for grocery hauling or camping. They have the perfect axle for each bike. they made it easy and quick to get what I needed. Only took a few minutes to change out my axles. Wish buying parts was this easy all the time.

  14. Jonas (verified owner)

    Passer perfekt på min Haibike. God kvalitet. Kjapp levering.
    Perfect for my Haibike. Good quality. Fast delivery(to Norway).

  15. Bennett G (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. I am able to pull our chariot trailer with my TA bike. The axle finder is a good tool. Overall a great product at a reasonable price.

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