thru axle finder

Our Thru Axle Finder Guarantee

Robert Axle thru axles are designed and made to fit YOUR bike and YOUR needs. That’s why we’ve created this handy Thru Axle Finder so you can find the exact axle you need. When you use the Thru Axle Finder, we guarantee the result of the Finder, 100%.

*An e-bike has the same thru-axle as the pedal version in every case.


For bike commuters, trail builders, hunters, videographers or recreation junkies, using a trailer for biking with cargo can make a world of difference when you want to carry more than a grocery bag’s worth of stuff. There is even a movement that encourages people to “move by bike.” That’s right, move your furniture and appliances by bike. Sounds heavy.

BOB Trailers are great for carrying cargo such as hunting and fishing gear, trail building tools or anything you might need to carry into the backcountry. Kid specific trailers work well for carrying cargo like groceries or photo or video equipment. With larger cargo trailers, like the Carry Freedom and the Surly Bill and Ted, you have tons of room for extra-large items.



Carrying cargo with an axle-mounted trailer (unlike a seat post mounted trailer) has many utilitarian benefits. With a trailer that attaches to the rear wheel, the weight of the load remains low, giving you stability when riding. A trailer is also easy to load and unload your goods. And the best part? You can always detach it from your bike when you don’t need it.


We’ve seen everything, including the kitchen sink, on bike trailers: trail building tools, chainsaws, hunting gear, kayaks, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, dogs, solar panels, coolers, furniture, appliances…you name it. There’s even a guy in our neighborhood that sells soup out of a bike trailer.

Yes, you can now attach your cargo trailer to any bicycle that has a 12mm thru axle. Simply use our Fitment Finder to find the Robert Axle that fits your bike. Remove your stock thru axle that came with your bike, replace it with a Robert Axle, and attach the hitch and trailer. Off you go. With your stuff. Carry on.

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