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Our Thru Axle Finder Guarantee

Robert Axle thru axles are designed and made to fit YOUR bike and YOUR needs. That’s why we’ve created this handy Thru Axle Finder so you can find the exact axle you need. When you use the Thru Axle Finder, we guarantee the result of the Finder, 100%.


cargo trailer on bike canada


For bike commuters, trail builders, hunters, videographers or recreation junkies, using a trailer for biking with cargo can make a world of difference when you want to carry more than a grocery bag’s worth of stuff. Child specific trailers work well for carrying cargo like groceries or photo or video equipment. With larger cargo trailers, like the Carry Freedom and the Surly Bill and Ted, you have tons of room for extra-large items.


Cargo racks for bikes have been around for a long time. From cross-town commutes to cross-country tours, the tried and true cargo rack gives you space for your adventure necessities. We have solutions for attaching some models of Blackburn racks and Old Man Mountain cargo racks to thru axle equipped bikes. 

OMM rear rack
bob trailer peterson ridge


The Robert Axle Project was born from a necessity to attach BOB Trailers to new thru axle equipped mountain bikes. As avid trail builders and off-road bike tourists, the BOB Trailer was a way of life at one time. BOB Trailers provide a simple way to carry trail tools, chainsaws, camping gear, kegs or dogs. Embrace the BOB!

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