Veteran Trail Builder Comments

I have been clearing trail with a BOB for years now, and find it is the most efficient way to tow tools to a work area. As the bike industry embraces thru axle rear wheels more and more, it became essential to keep a bike with a QR skewer just for BOB pulling.

Now with the thru axles designed by The Robert Axle Project, I can take my nice full suspension bike to do trail work. Easy to install and stronger than the traditional skewer, the Thru Axle is the best way to pull your BOB.

.Cannondale on O'Leary 2   Cannondale on O'Leary 1 – Robert Axle For My New Bike and Saw BoB

Got to fully test out my new BoB setup yesterday. I ordered the Robert Axle 12×142 for for my 2013 Santa Cruz Trc, installed it, hooked up the BoB and cut out a buttload of trees on some very demanding terrain. New setup worked well. Need to tweak the saw /tool rack a bit, but what I noticed is how much stiffer the 12mm rear end feels. Just doesn’t feel like the rear dropouts are going to twist right off like my old bike. Very solid.
I will try to get some pics up soon.